Sunday, December 3, 2023

Create Divine Charcuterie Boards with Southlake’s Charcuterie Sisters!

This week, Mayor John Huffman gets schooled in the art of charcuterie by Suzanne Parkhill and Stephanie Minor, Southlake’s own Charcuterie Sisters.

As the holidays roll around, so will parties and family events, and we all know the best part of those – food! The Charcuterie Sisters have made a name for themselves around Southlake, catering events like graduations, weddings, engagements, and more over the last three years.

Since their very first order of 35 charcuterie boxes for their sister-in-law’s company during COVID, their business has boomed! They have even moved into recreating those same types of boxes to be pre-sold at Yates Corner Store.

Equipped with handy tips and tricks, they did not shy away from their newest challenge – teaching the Mayor how to make his own board to share!

Here are some of their most helpful tips:

  1. You’ll want at least three different types of cheeses on your board of different levels of firmness and texture: soft, semi-firm, and aged cheese.
  2. The key to a beautiful salami rose is a small cup. You can buy condiment cups at the store to help hold the floral shape, making this addition to your board a breeze, even for beginners!
  3. Be creative! Add lots of colors and textures on your board like fresh or dried fruit, nuts, pickles, or spreads like jams and honey.


To watch the full episode of Minute with the Mayor and their demo, click below.