Sunday, December 3, 2023

The 2023 Holiday Grease Roundup Officially Kicks Off!

Save Your Drains this holiday season by participating in the annual Holiday Grease Roundup.

Join the City of Southlake Public Works in their 5th annual Holiday Grease Roundup where residents will have the opportunity to donate their used cooking oil and grease at the Public Works Operation Center, located conveniently at 1950 East Continental Boulevard. A designated grease collection station will be available 24/7 from November 13 to January 12 where donations may be dropped off. Motor oil will not be accepted.

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) can pose significant problems for drains because they can accumulate and harden over time within the plumbing system. When FOG gets disposed of down your kitchen sinks or drains, it solidifies and causes blockages that restrict the flow of wastewater. Over time, these blockages can become severe, causing backups, overflows, and costly damage to the entire drainage system. By participating in the Holiday Grease Roundup, residents can avoid the headache of these potential problems and rest assured that their donated grease will be disposed of and recycled in a much safer and environmentally friendly way.

To learn more about the Holiday Grease Roundup program and ways you can further protect your drains from FOG and other materials, visit,  or our website. More information on participating cities and drop-off locations is available online. Additional questions regarding the Southlake drop-off location can be directed to Environmental Services at 817-748-8638.