Friday, February 23, 2024

Direct Link: Southlake’s Upgraded Phone System Streamlines Customer Connections

Get ready for a more streamlined experience when calling the City of Southlake!

In an effort to elevate the quality and efficiency of the City’s customer service, Southlake is preparing to transition to a new phone system format beginning on Thursday, January 4, 2024. This transition aims to save customers’ time and improve their overall experience by allowing enhanced accessibility to the people or departments that are equipped to answer their questions.

This change results from over a year of research and careful planning, designed with a customer service-focused approach to shorten wait times, reduce the number of transfers, improve the rate of responses, and give each caller a more personalized experience.

With the new system, dialing (817) 748-8400 during regular business hours provides customers with various self-service options. This shift towards giving customers more power over their calling experience aligns with the City’s commitment to providing accessible, user-friendly services.

“This initiative was a collaborative effort,” Melody Andersen, City’s Operations Manager of Customer Service, said. “We’ve worked closely with city departments, Tarrant County, our phone vendor, and, most importantly, we gathered valuable feedback from residents to shape this transformation into an experience they desired.”

The Southlake Serves team is ready to answer questions, assist customers in navigating new features, and address any concerns during the transition period to ensure a smooth and empowering calling process for all!

“This change is an important part of our Southlake Serves program,” Andersen added. “It’s just one more way we are working to place those we serve at the heart of our everyday operations.”

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