Thursday, February 22, 2024

Southlake Elevates Customer Service with Innovative Phone System Upgrade

When the need for great customer service calls, the Southlake Team answers.

The City of Southlake recently announced a transition to a new phone system upgrade that provides customers with a self-service directory when calling (817) 748-8400 during regular business hours. Requiring months of planning, teamwork, and intentional design, the Southlake team prioritized a better way to serve the City’s customers by giving them options to get to where they want to go quicker.

“Our goal is that customers feel supported and well-served,” said Melody Andersen, Operations Manager of Customer Service. “We don’t want to just ensure that citizens have their basic service requirements met, but that their interactions with us are positive, enriching, and comprehensive.”

The Southlake team does this by constantly reassessing processes to ensure that customer service is a core building block of everything the City does.

This ideology has led to several changes over time in the attempt to provide well-paved avenues for citizens to connect with the City.  Citizens are able to submit issues, requests, and feedback through the innovative online Southlake Serves portal, have access to important information and updates through social media channels, and now – citizens have more control over who they reach when calling the City.

With the new calling system, customers will self-direct to a live person – there just won’t be as many stops and redirects on the way.

“The implementation of this new system will only get better over time,” Andersen said. “We are always trying to fine-tune our processes by listening to feedback from where it matters most – the customers.”

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