Wednesday, February 28, 2024

The Organizers of Progress: Celebrating the Administrative Professionals of Public Works and Planning

If you’ve ever called or emailed the Public Works or Planning department, chances are you have interacted with a member of our brilliant administrative team.

In the bustling world of Public Works and Planning, where infrastructure development and community well-being intersect, there exists a group of individuals who often work behind the scenes, ensuring that the gears of progress keep turning smoothly. These administrative professionals are the backbone of the operations, the organizers of chaos, and the guardians of efficiency. Here are some of the excellent team members you might be interacting with next time you call!

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Caitlin Gentry, Public Works Administrative Assistant

Caitlin brings exceptional multitasking and customer service skills to her role. She facilitates communication between divisions, departments, and the public while ensuring complaints or concerns are dispatched accurately and promptly. Caitlin provides fiscal support to our Public Works supervisors through budget monitoring, purchase order creation, invoice receival and more.

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Miranda Picklesimer, Public Works Program Assistant



Miranda significantly supports the implementation of a new work order system with her attention to detail and inquisitive nature. She works behind the scenes of the software to integrate new departments, customize modules, and troubleshoot issues. Miranda also provides customer service as a community liaison between Public Works and the community.


Melissa Burnett, Planning and Development Services Administrative Assistant


Melissa provides exquisite administrative support to both Public Works and Planning and Development in her ability to manage competing priorities in an organized manner. She is the diligent coordinator for public meetings such as Planning and Zoning meetings. With her ability to provide open communication, she ensures both departments are operating harmoniously with the community.


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