Sunday, March 3, 2024

City Council Begins Consideration of the FY 2024 – 2028 Capital Improvements Program

Southlake City Manager, Alison Ortowski submitted the proposed FY 2024 – 2028 Capital Improvements Program at the February 06, 2024 City Council meeting. The program represents a comprehensive five-year strategy for acquiring, constructing, or upgrading physical infrastructure and assets.

“Through strong planning and targeted investments, the FY 2024 – 2028 Capital Improvements Program reflects our unwavering commitment to enhancing the quality of life for all residents while ensuring a sustainable future. This CIP illustrates our city’s vision and the meticulous steps taken to translate it into tangible projects that propel us toward a vibrant and resilient future. And as always, this is done with a continued focus on the kind of long-term financial stewardship that has long been a cornerstone of the City’s financial management approach,” said City Manager Alison Ortowski.

The City Council and City Staff work in partnership to assess and then understand project priorities within a five-year planning window. The initial year of the Capital Improvements Program (CIP) is referred to as the Capital Budget and is the only year of the multi-year plan that receives funding allocation. The CIP also outlines a roadmap for planned projects spanning the subsequent four years. Additionally, the development of the FY 2024 CIP incorporates feedback from the City’s biennial citizen satisfaction survey, driving project priorities and reflecting current community preferences.

Within the FY 2024 Capital Budget, a total of 30 projects totaling $41.6 million, submitted by various City Departments, are featured. The proposed projects include funding for roadways and pathways at almost $9 million, waterline projects at just over $9 million, facilities projects totaling about $13 million, and park improvement projects at $7.5 million.

Comprehensive insights into the Capital Improvements Program are provided through the CIP Document, offering details and overviews categorized by project type. Additionally, detailed project information sheets are included, featuring current cost estimates and planned expenditure schedules. This comprehensive document spans a five-year period and systematically identifies future unfunded projects. The necessary financial resources to actualize these projects are derived from both debt service funds and cash.

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