Sunday, March 3, 2024

Empowering Progress: City Unveils Citizen Satisfaction Results and Strategies for Positive Change

The results are in for the 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey – a customer-centric questionnaire that aims to gather information on Southlake citizens’ perceived quality of life, satisfaction with city services, and factors the city needs to improve on.

At the City of Southlake, our goal is to not only serve you, but serve you well. Utilizing your feedback from this survey is an integral way we aim to do that. With your feedback, we can design our services with you and your values at the center.

What did the results say?

An overwhelming majority of respondents expressed satisfaction with living in Southlake, with 98% selecting excellent, very good, or good when questioned about the overall quality of life!

According to the survey, the things residents value the most are fire services, emergency response for both medical and police services, providing water services, maintaining local roads and streets, providing sewer services, neighborhood patrol, traffic management, emergency preparedness, and park maintenance.

The survey has also identified priority areas for the City’s improvement efforts by examining services where satisfaction levels are notably lower than their perceived importance. Services showing a satisfaction-importance gap of over 25 percent are prioritized, along with those nearing this threshold.

This year’s survey underscores the need to enhance services such as sidewalks, trails, and pedestrian pathways, providing code enforcement services, senior services, and animal control, reflecting key areas for the City’s strategic focus.

What has changed since the last survey?

There was a six percent increase in satisfaction with Emergency Preparedness, a three percent increase in satisfaction for both water services and stormwater drainage, and a four percent decrease in satisfaction with library services.

What does this mean moving forward?

There’s continuous opportunity for improvement. The City of Southlake is dedicated to proactively addressing key concerns raised by citizens, all while upholding high standards in areas where satisfaction thrives.

“These results provide the blueprint for moving forward to help us with budget development, communication plans, and department work plans,” Major Youngblood, Assistant to the City Manager said.

For a more detailed breakdown of the 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, you can find the full report here.

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