Sunday, April 14, 2024

SKIL Students Take on Austin: A Day of Discovery and Learning

Last week, the Southlake Kids Interested in Leadership traveled to Austin to explore the State Capitol and its vibrant history. The group was accompanied by Katy Aldredge from State Representative Giovanni Capriglione’s Office, Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Kathy Talley, Director of Economic Development & Tourism Daniel Cortez, Management Assistant Bora Sulollari, and Assistant Principal Eddie Morman from Carroll Senior High.

During the Capitol tour, the group visited and explored the Reference Library and received a comprehensive overview of its print collection, including current periodicals, House and Senate Journals, Session, Laws, and the Texas legal research collection. They also gained insights and learned about the library’s role during legislative sessions and the research services offered by its librarians.

The group also got a private Dome tour, where they climbed over 200 steps to get to the top. From there, the students explored the outside balconies and saw the building from up top. Following their climb, the students convened for a lunch session where they had the privilege of hearing firsthand from former Representative Larry Gonzales. Gonzales shared invaluable wisdom on effective leadership within the state leadership and during his tenure in the Texas Legislature from 2011-2018.

The students ended the tour by touring the French Legation State Historic Site. One of the oldest houses in Austin, the French Legation opened in 1841 as a home and diplomatic outpost for the French chargé d’affaires to the Republic of Texas, Alphonse Dubois, after France recognized the Republic of Texas as a sovereign nation.

Experiences such as this trip are invaluable for students, offering them unique opportunities to engage with leadership perspectives and witness firsthand the inner workings of governmental processes. Through encounters with esteemed leaders and immersive explorations of historical landmarks, students are equipped with essential leadership skills and a deeper understanding of the mechanisms that drive our state forward.

For information regarding the program, please visit the SKIL website.

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