July 9, 2024

Camp out under the stars at the Southlake Library: Meet Ms. Karen 

Meet the staff member who transformed the Southlake Public Library walls into an amazing outdoor adventure.

Every summer, the Southlake Library embraces a new theme, and for 2024, it’s all about camping and outdoor adventures with "Adventure Begins at Your Library." When Library Technician Ms. Karen heard about this theme, she eagerly set to work, transforming the library into a magical outdoor experience for both children and parents. 

As you step into the library, you'll be greeted by walls adorned with stunning mountain scenery and a meandering river that guides you through the library space. These creative touches by Ms. Karen encourage kids to explore the library, discovering its many offerings along the way. The river starts in the early reader area and winds through various genre sections, leading all the way to the study rooms. You'll even find a charming kayak along the way! 

Ms. Karen's creativity didn't stop there. She added delightful details throughout the library, including hidden animals and even alien spaceships, making the adventure even more captivating. Her efforts have truly brought the theme to life, offering a unique and engaging experience for all our visitors. 

“Karen is so amazingly creative,” said Deputy Director of Library Services Cynthia Pfledderer, when asked about the designs in the library. “I admire her ability to design beautiful art out of the most random collection of materials.  She brings the wow factor to the library space. We are so grateful to have her talent on our team, not just for her artistic skills, but also for the warmth and charm she brings to the library in her service to our Southlake families.” 

If you see Ms. Karen in the library, she’s likely surrounded by kids eager to say hello. Be sure to compliment her on the incredible job she’s done transforming the library into a magical adventure space. Her creativity has given the children a place to explore and enjoy, making every visit feel like a new adventure. Karen’s works of art are on display through July 19.  

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