July 9, 2024

Celebrating Clean Water for Our Community: 2024 Water Quality Report is Available Now 

The 2024 Water Quality Report is now available, showing no compliance issues with Southlake’s drinking water based on data collected in 2023.

As we enter summer in Texas, where triple-digit temperatures are the norm, you might be paying closer attention to your water quality. Rest assured that while you focus on staying hydrated, the Southlake Water Team is dedicated to your safety. The recent 2024 Water Quality Report details how your water is confirmed to be safe, with no actionable levels of contamination. 

The 2024 Water Quality Report is important because it not only shows the City’s compliance with Federal and State requirements, but it also allows you to be educated on the quality of the water you are consuming. 

This report provides information on how your water is managed, including details on Lead and Copper testing procedures, conservation efforts and programs, the sources of your water, and much more. 

Access the 2024 Water Quality Report here to see the data for yourself and learn more about the behind-the-scenes work that goes into maintaining your water quality. 

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