June 4, 2024

Keeping Southlake Clean: The Importance of Proper Pet Waste Disposal

Proper disposal of pet waste can make a positive impact on the environment.

The Public Works Department is here to spotlight a topic that, while not glamorous, is vital for maintaining the beauty of our community and the health of our waterways.

Are you aware that when pet waste is left unattended, rainwater can sweep it away into our storm drains and, from there, journey into our lakes and rivers? This not only pollutes our water bodies but also poses a threat to wildlife and our own health.

The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) provides us with easy and effective solutions for pet waste disposal, ensuring we can all contribute to our city's cleanliness and environmental integrity:

  • Bag it and Trash it: Always carry a bag when walking your pet. After they've done their business, pick it up using the bag and toss it into a designated trash receptacle. This is the most common and convenient method.
  • Flush it: If you prefer an alternative method, you can flush pet waste down the toilet. Just make sure not to flush any plastic bags or other non-biodegradable materials along with it.

By using one of these disposal methods, you’re not only keeping our streets and green spaces clean, but you’re also helping to protect the environment and the health of our community.

Image of people attending the Stars and Stripes Event
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