June 10, 2024

Mayor McCaskill Discusses His Love for the Community and Feedstore BBQ

SLK City Spotlight introduces Southlake Mayor Shawn McCaskill

In the first episode of the Southlake City Spotlight, Mayor McCaskill shares his affection for Southlake, attributing his fondness to the spirit of community and the generosity of its residents. His journey began in 2010 when he joined Southlake’s Zoning Board of Adjustment, marking the start of his significant contribution to the city.

Mayor McCaskill shares one of his memorable first experiences in Southlake: dining at the Feedstore BBQ on White Chapel with his wife. This encounter left a lasting impression, setting the tone for a deep-rooted connection.

The Feedstore BBQ has played a pivotal role in McCaskill's life, from the genuine kindness of its owners and staff to its support during his city council campaign in 2015, where it became the first local business to host one of his campaign signs. In this episode of Southlake City Spotlight, Mayor McCaskill engages in a heartfelt conversation with Mike Lafavers, the owner of the Feedstore BBQ, delving into the restaurant's family-centric legacy.

Click below to view the full episode.

Image of people attending the Stars and Stripes Event
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