July 2, 2024

Refreshing Staff Who Keep the Southlake Library Fun: Meet Rebecca 

Library Circulation Coordinator Rebecca exemplifies what it takes to keep the Southlake Public Library organized and inviting.

Over the past year, you might have noticed some delightful changes at the Southlake Library. From managing our coffee bar and engaging puzzles to a selection of refreshing teas that have become a hit among patrons, Rebecca's touch is everywhere. Her efforts have even streamlined the check-out process, making it easier than ever to find and borrow your next great read. 

Rebecca’s commitment to keeping the library well-organized and her dedication to training the circulation staff have significantly enhanced the library's team's ability to deliver top-notch customer service. Her leadership has instilled confidence in staff, ensuring they provide the best assistance and accurate directions to library patrons. 

“Rebecca reflects excellence," said Deputy Director of Library Services Cynthia Pfledderer, when asked about the changes in the library. “In all things, she strives to provide the best experience for those around her. While working to improve processes at the library, or providing enhancements to the customer experience, she always thoughtfully considers how to get the best results. We are so lucky to have her looking after our service quality.” 

But Rebecca's contributions go beyond organization. She has introduced innovative ways to make the library a welcoming space. Next to the warm and cozy coffee corner, you’ll find the “Tea of the Day,” featuring unique flavors that entice patrons to return for more. This initiative has received glowing feedback, with visitors eagerly anticipating the next tea offering. 

Rebecca’s deep understanding of the library experience and her supportive leadership have created a foundation appreciated by both staff and patrons. Her creativity and dedication have truly brought a refreshing touch to the Southlake Library. 

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