June 4, 2024

Southlake Public Library's Summer Reading is in full swing.

The Southlake Public Library becomes a hub of activity during summer, offering a variety of programs, a wealth of books, and exciting prizes.

If you’ve stepped into the Southlake Library lately, you’ve likely been greeted by the cheerful beeps of books being checked out, the laughter of kids engrossed in the latest programs, and the satisfying clicks of our Summer Reading prize wheel. The library buzzes with activity, and this year’s theme—camping—sets the stage for an outdoor adventure right within our walls. We’ve had many exciting events at the library in our first week, including Wild Animal Adventures, the Kindness Club Kickoff, a lively Backyard Party, the thrilling Family Scavenger Hunt, and a host of summer reading prizes. Whether you’re a curious child, a voracious reader, or a parent seeking family-friendly activities, we’ve got something for you. So, if you’re looking for adventure, come join us at the Southlake Library 

Check out our Summer Reading Brochure with all the latest programs!  

Sign up for Summer Reading on Read Squared.  

Image of people attending the Stars and Stripes Event
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