June 13, 2024

Southlake Shines: City Honored with TAMI Awards for Outstanding Communication

City of Southlake takes home four prestigious awards for communication efforts.

Members from both the Southlake Police Department and the Office of Communication and Customer Experience recently attended the annual Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) conference in San Antonio, where the City of Southlake was honored with four prestigious awards.

The TAMI awards are a benchmark of excellence, recognizing innovative and impactful work within the government communications industry. This year's conference and award ceremony included 688 entries with over 70 different cities represented in the finalists alone, placing Southlake alongside some of the top communications teams in the state.

Take a look below at some of the award-winning pieces of communication Southlake DPS and the Office of Communication and Customer Experience produced in 2023.

An Acronym for Roundabouts - First Place Award Winner

Southlake DPS took home a First Place TAMI Award for their video spreading awareness of the proper use of crosswalks. Through the use of humor and outrageously long acronyms, Southlake DPS effectively reminded residents of the importance of adhering to safety when entering roundabouts, while having a good laugh in the process.

Crosswalking to the World Series - Award of Excellence

Screenshot of a Facebook post with a Texas Rangers player cartwheeling in a crosswalk.

While the Texas Rangers were making their World Series run in 2023, Southlake DPS seized the perfect opportunity to combine the excitement of the games with an informational public service announcement reminding citizens to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. Using the iconic image of Rangers' outfielder Adolis García dodging a wild pitch by "cartwheeling" out of the way, Southlake DPS once again was awarded for their use of humor in promoting Public Safety.

If You Want It That Way - Award of Honor

The Office of Communication and Customer Experience (OCCE) received an Award of Honor for the Citizen Satisfaction Survey parodying the Backstreet Boys' familiar favorite, "I Want it That Way." When trying to promote the biannual survey aiming to gather feedback from citizens on ways the city can improve, the team decided to lean on a catchy classic tune while reminding citizens that their voice is integral in the continued success of Southlake.

Code of Conduct - Award of Honor

The Southlake Governance Matrix Team also received an award of honor for Southlake's Code of Conduct document. Serving the City of Southlake is a huge commitment and public servants are held to a high standard of service. Detailing the values of the city, performance management methods, and much more, this document efficiently outlines what it means to serve the Southlake Way.

These awards underscore the communications team's dedication to serving the Southlake community with excellence and innovation. We look forward to continuing to produce high-quality communications that are accurate and efficient— and maybe even bringing a few more laughs in 2024.

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