Sunday, December 3, 2023

The 2016 Water Quality Report is Now Available

Southlake Water Utilities Designs 5-6-16The 2016 Drinking Water Quality Report will be reaching your mailbox sometime this week; but are you aware of just how versatile this document is?

Every year the Water Quality Report provides residents a detailed look at water quality throughout the City of Southlake.  In this way, the Water Quality Report is a technical tool residents can use to satisfy questions about water quality for calendar year 2015, how water quality tests are conducted, and state and federal regulations we are bound to ensure the highest water quality possible.  As a technical tool,  the report will show you a summary of test results for lead and copper, along with other regulated contaminants, and what their presence in the water system is measured against.

The technical aspect of the Water Quality Report is important because it tells residents whether or not the City has met its goal of providing safe drinking water.  Every year we meet that goal and this year is no exception.  The 2016 report reveals that our water supply meets the standards set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

The Water Quality Report is more than a technical tool though.  The document is also useful in that it provides information on a number of topics that you may not consider as having an impact on water quality.  For example,  the report provides important information on where and how Southlake gets its water and what, if any, existing conditions would impact water quality.  You’ll also find tips on how you can make a difference in stopping pollution from reaching our creeks and lakes.  Actions such as not picking up after your pets or washing your car at home can have lasting effects on our stormwater quality which, in turn, could affect the ecosystem and our water sources.

New this year is an introduction to the Eye on Water smart-meter program that will be launched at the end of the summer.  This program is aimed at giving residents more power over their water use by providing usage data anytime of the day.   The report also highlights the new,  Water Smart, Southlake Newsletter.  This weekly blog provides tips and advice on  what you can do to reduce water consumption inside and outside.  To subscribe, click here

Since its inception, the Water Quality Report continues to provide important information about Southlake’s water quality and what the City is doing to maintain that quality.  While that is its core purpose, the report continues to evolve into a more versatile source of information.  To receive an additional copy of this year’s report, you can download it here.