Monday, September 27, 2021

CMS Wins UIL Academic Competition

Seventy-four students competed at Chisholm Trail Middle School in Rhome, Texas on Saturday, April 6 against Northwest ISD schools and Dawson in the University Interscholastic League Academic competition.

A total of 30 eighth graders and 19 seventh graders placed in the top 6.  Eighth grade swept Editorial Writing, Mathematics, and Listening Skills and placed in every category earning seven 1st places, nine 2nd places, eight 3rd places, six 4th places, and six 5th places.

Seventh grade swept Mathematics and Chess Problem Solving categories and placed in all but two of the categories earning four 1st places, seven 2nd places, two 3rd places, four 4th places, four 5th places, and three 6th places.  We brought home the bacon with a 1st place win.  As a team, they scored 605 points over 2nd place Dawson who earned  270 points, and 3rd place Medlin with 264 points.

A special thank you to all the teachers for coaching, the students for their time and dedication, and the parents who got them to practices and the competition.

Congratulations to the following students who participated in the competition:

7th gradeEditorial Writing: Lourdes Buksh, Nicole Fenley, Anni Nieminen (5th); Mathematics:  Suyash Jain (3rd), Samuel Ma (2nd), Simoni Maniar (1st); Oral Reading:  Shawn Carter (6th), Katie Cross, Matthew Schultz; Ready Writing:  Malini Chandra, Rhea Gogia, Ganeev Kaur; Maps, Graphs, and Charts:  Giancarlo Dominguez (5th), Aiden Gow, Peter Lin (4th); Impromptu Speaking:  Katie Cross (2nd), Kenna Taylor;  Dictionary Skills:  Mikala Gist (3rd), Ben Rosenthal, Ashli Towry; Number Sense: Arman Dave (2nd), Maniar (1st), Rishik Puppala (4th); Social Studies: Elizabeth Egel, Lauren Esparza, Kinley Hicks (6th); Spelling:  Buksh (5th), Abbey Keleher, Paul Venesky (2); Science:  Ganeev Kaur, Peter Lin (1st); Brice McKane (2nd); Art: Maniar (4th), Alexandra Olsen, Shiloh Sweat (5th), Mahlen Waugh (6th); Listening Skills:  Keleher, Maniar, Luke Sargeant (4th); Chess Problem Solving:  Buksh (2nd), Peter Lin (1st), James Stewart (2nd).

8th gradeEditorial Writing: Audrey Gow (2nd), Emma Lin (1st), Tilda Nieminen (3rd); Mathematics:  Sunny Daggubati (1st), William McFadden (2nd), Mana Singri (3rd); Oral Reading:  Andrew Adams (5th), Alex Rose, Billy Wade; Ready Writing:  Simrin Gill (2nd), Gow, T. Nieminen; Maps, Graphs, and Charts:  Adams (4th), JP Repetto (4th); Impromptu Speaking:  Peter Harris, Rose (3rd), Kelsey Wireman (4th); Dictionary Skills:  Adam Kit (4th), Katie Paulsen (2nd), David Spitler;  Number Sense:  Preston Lee (4th), Allison Li (2nd), Hafsa Zuberi (1st); Social Studies:  Alexandra Bramley, Daggubati (2nd), Armand Tadjali (5th); Modern Oratory:  Cole Brandt (4th), Lisie Kit (5th), Lin (1st); Calculator Applications:  Daggubati (3rd), Addison Miller (1st), Singri (5th); Spelling:  Gus Karau (1st), Samuel Ortiz (3rd), Ryan Schwartz (5th); Science:  Harris (3rd), Myra Mak, Paulsen (4th); Art:  Meg Camele, Li (2nd), Casey Nunis, Jared Repice; Listening Skills:  Jacquelin Kwentus (2nd), Macy Miller (1st), Wyatt Packard (3rd); Chess Problem Solving:  Conner Hutyra (5th), Eric Spitler, Will Vaughn (3rd).