Wednesday, August 4, 2021

It’s Fall Ya’ll: Time for Tree Planting and Street Cleaning!

Swirling leaves, cooler temps, and pumpkin spice lattes are just around the corner.  For Southlake residents, October is also a time for acquiring street trees for planting and Adopt-a-Street clean ups.

Autumn is the perfect time to plant a tree, and the City can help through the popular Street Tree Program.

“The purpose of the Street Tree Program is to provide quality shade trees to plant within the right-of-way areas of streets,” said Chris Tribble, Director of Community Services.  “We’ve chosen varieties that are suitable for our soil and weather conditions, trees that will make a nice addition to Southlake’s environment.”

Residents may purchase low cost trees from the city through this program beginning in October.

The Street Tree Program is funded by fines levied when trees are cut down in violation of city ordinance.

Residents can purchase trees through the Parks and Recreation online registration portal or by filling out the order form available on the on the website and mailing it, along with a check, to the Community Services Department.

The street trees are on sale from October 1st until December 31st. The tree order will be placed with the nursery after sales close. City Parks staff will coordinate planting times and dates with the residents and the nursery. Trees are planted early Spring. See pictures below for resident prices.

More than 39 streets have been adopted by local groups, who coordinate trash pick up each quarter.  These volunteers perform a vital service, complementing the efforts of local crews to remove debris and improve the appearance of roadways.Also, as part of the Keep Southlake Beautiful initiative, local volunteers will take to the streets this fall to participate in the Adopt-a-Street cleanup program.

Tribble notes, “We can’t say enough about how valuable these volunteers are. Their efforts make a real difference in the quality of life in Southlake.”

Are you a group looking for ways to contribute to the city?  Information about the City’s Adopt-a-Street program can be found HERE.

As we say goodbye to summer, watch for new trees and clean streets!

Help out the Southlake community with the Adopt-a-Street program

Adopt-a-Street is a free program that allows organizations, businesses, groups, families and individuals to adopt and maintain areas within the Southlake community. The City of Southlake is growing, and that growth means more cars on the roadways and unfortunately, more trash as well. Volunteer efforts like Adopt-a-street reduce litter cleanup costs and save taxpayers money.

The City of Southlake’s Keep Southlake Beautiful program encourages you to become a partner and adopt a street. Adopting a street is an easy way for groups to help their communities, make a visible impact and earn some well deserved Southlake pride. Adopt-a-Street partners will be recognized with a Keep Southlake Beautiful Adopt-a-Street sign at their adopted street.

When you become an Adopt-a-Street partner, the following commitment is expected:

  • Participation in a minimum of four cleanups per year – Citywide cleanups are usually held in January, April, July and October. Trash bags, gloves and safety vests will be provided to you at no charge at your request.
  • Completion of a Quarterly Cleanup Report after each event – The Quarterly Cleanup Report will require you to record the number of volunteers, cumulative volunteer hours and bags of trash collected during each cleanup event. Ready to become a partner?

For more information, visit or call the Community Services Department at 817-748-8019.