DFW Airport has notified the City of north wind days that will impact aircraft noise in the area. North winds are expected to begin the evening of Saturday, August 15 and continue through Thursday, August, 20. The airport anticipates Runway 31L will be needed for jet departures during these days.

DFW Airport recently launched a new website that tracks aircraft takeoffs and landings.

According to the airport, NoiseLab, allows the public to view near-live flight operations, historical operations, news, and statistics. Click here to visit the website.

A few months after NoiseLab launched, the airport began updating one of their North-South runways (18R/36L). On June 1, DFW Airport started rehabilitating runway 18R/36L, the primary west side arrival runway. Work is expected to continue until early March 2021. Afterward, the airport anticipates that nightly closures are estimated to occur through May 2021.

The runway closure will shift 13R/31L to a primary arrival and departure runway. Traffic on Runway 17L/35R will also increase. Departures and arrivals on Runway 18L/36R may increase or decrease depending on flow.

The runway project includes reconstruction, drainage improvements, new electrical infrastructure and LED conversion, navigational aid adjustments, and aircraft rescue and firefighting road realignment.

The closure will require some traffic to shift to other runways. The project was accelerated ahead of its planned schedule to take advantage of the reduced operation levels from COVID-19.

Citizens with inquiries or comments should contact DFW Airport by email at dfwnoise@dfwairport.com or on the Noise Complaint Hotline at 972-973-3192 (staffed 24/7). Follow-up response calls or emails are available when requested.

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