Friday, August 12, 2022

CES Celebrates American History with Famous Presidents

CISD Board President Read Ballew as President Lincoln and Superintendent Dr. David Faltys as President Washington

Friday, Feb. 15 Carroll Elementary fathers, members of the CISD Board of Trustees and district employees brought American history to life as they dressed  as famous American Presidents. The lesson was to teach students each president did during their term. As students rotated from room to room to meet different presidents, they brought with them a sheet of paper where they could record three facts about each individual. There were multiple presidents for each grade level.

School Board Trustee John Thane (dressed as George Washington) and students from Mrs. Hammond's class

Students say they learned interesting facts about each president such as the cherry tree fable about George Washington (played by CISD Superintendent Dr. David Faltys and CISD School Board Trustee John Thane) was not true, Abraham Lincoln was a self-taught lawyer and George Bush was a captain of the cheer leader squad at his high school and at Yale. At the end of each presentation, the students had a chance to ask questions. The Presidents were very impressed with many intelligent questions from the students.

Students were proud to see their dads acting as presidents. Carson and Sloan Smith were in for a sweet surprise when they found out that under Ronald Reagan’s mask, was their own dad! CES students and staff are very grateful for the dads and the school board members, who had graciously volunteered their time and effort to make this learning experience a memorable one.