Saturday, September 23, 2023

Dragons Go Blue for Bullying Prevention

On October 2, Carroll ISD is asking all students, teachers, and staff to wear blue for ‘Dragons Go Blue’, the official CISD kickoff for National Bullying Prevention Month. Schools around the country will be taking part in this same initiative as a way to bring attention to the negative impact of bullying and bring awareness to ways to prevent it.

This year, Carroll ISD is focusing not only on the academic growth of our students but also their wellness and resiliency. Being that October is National Bully Prevention Month, campuses around the district have special events planned throughout the month to address the importance of bullying prevention. The goal of these activities is to encourage communities to work together to stop bullying and cyberbullying through conveying the impact of bullying on students of all ages.

One of Carroll ISD’s beliefs is that students must feel safe and loved in order to learn efficiently. For that to happen, there must be procedures in place to help students feel safe.

Currently, Carroll ISD has a ‘Freedom From Bullying’ policy in place that describes the definition of bullying and the process of reporting, researching and handling bullying complaints.

Students have multiple options when it comes to reporting potential bullying cases. The Dragon Tip Line is a system that is designed to help students, parents and the community report past, present and predicted concerns in our school community. Each of the secondary campuses has their own unique phone number that can be found on their campus website. This tip line allows students to anonymously report concerns to their individual campus.

CISD also has a feature on the district websites called ‘Let’s Talk’ that is a digital version of the phone tip line. Students, parents and community members can fill out an online form to report anything they feel the district need to know about including bullying, suggestions for the campus or district, and even to brag on a dragon doing a great job. This option is available to anyone in the Carroll ISD community.

Wear blue for ‘Dragons Go Blue’ day on October 2, and help CISD kick off National Bullying Prevention Month. Also, you can get involved in the conversation by using the hashtag #DragonsGoBlue on social media.