When it comes to the care, planting, maintenance and protection of the tree population in Southlake, you can thank the City’s urban forester for keeping our city green and healthy.

For the last 24 years, the City of Southlake has maintained excellence in urban forestry management by continuing to manage and expand the presence of public trees in the Southlake community.

This effort is in part with the City’s tree preservation and landscape ordinances.

The purpose of a tree preservation and landscape ordinance is to further the preservation of mature trees and natural areas, protect trees during construction, control the removal of trees and facilitate site design and construction to the long-term viability of existing trees.

The landscape administrator/urban forester leads this initiative by working with architects, developers, builders, city departments and the public, to review plans and permits for compliance with the City’s landscape, tree preservation and earth disturbance regulations and construction-based activities, such as excavating, clearing and grading.

They also ensure that the trees are surveyed and preserved correctly based on their location, condition, species or historical significance.

To learn more about tree preservation, ordinances and permits, please visit the Tree Preservation page on the City’s website.  

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