Monday, May 29, 2023

July Summer Camps: STEM, Entertainment and Fine Arts

You can register for all of our camps online or in person at Champions Club (285 Shady Oaks Drive).

Popular camps fill quickly, so be sure to register early. Camps that do not meet minimum registration requirements two business days prior to their scheduled start date will be canceled.

Comic Creators
July 8 – 12 | Ages 7–10 | Learn more & register

Calling all heroes! With the help of a camera and 8Bit staff, you can be the star of your very own comic book! Instructors will guide campers through setting up a story, taking photos and editing them to create an awesome comic that’s 100% unique. Students will take home a digital copy of their comic at the end of camp and receive a physical book the following week.

Fusion Gaming
July 8 – 12 | Ages 11–14 | Learn more & register

This camp utilizes Clickteam’s Multimedia Fusion 2 to create a single in-depth coding class where students build and take home a completed three-level game. Students will design, code and learn alterable values while creating and tracking character health, item count, audio sound effects and more.

Pirates and Pastels: Full Day and Half Day Camps
July 8 – 12 | Ages 5–12 | Learn more & register

Come ACT UP and DRAW with Drama Kids and Young Rembrandts! This unique camp offers something for every creative kid: drama and public speaking activities, pirate drawings, ocean pastels, crafts and games, a parent performance and more. Who knew we could pack so much fun into just one week!?

Fortnite Gliding
July 15–19 | Ages 7–13 | Learn more & register

In this creative programming camp based on the apocalyptic survival game, campers will use the scratch coding tool to recreate the floating bus, aerostatic balloon and glider effect. The kids will trace their own digital images, design the landing terrain and use coding to animate the flying and landing scenes. This camp does not include any destruction or violence. Kids are welcome to bring their own electronics to play during breaks!

NASA Space Explorers
July 15 – 18 | Ages 6–10 | Learn more & register

Blast off with knowledge of flight! This camp is an exciting study on rockets. Campers build their own rockets and planes, experiment with propulsion systems and even launch and recover rockets. Each day campers create amazing things to take home.

LEGO Animation
July 15 – 19 | Ages 7–10 | Learn more & register

Kids get to create their very own stop motion animation in this creative camp! Build your sets, create voice-overs and edit stills to bring your movie to life. Students work in groups to write a script and begin building. At the end of camp, we’ll share your movie on 8Bit’s YouTube channel.

Web Developer
July 15 – 19 | Ages 11–14 | Learn more & register

Web Developer gives kids first-hand experience as a professional web designer. Given 10 client profiles to choose from, students will interview their client to evaluate their needs, wants and current website situation. Students must then design a few templates then build the final website using Weebly EDU. Students will take home a portfolio of their work at the end of camp.

Boost Engineers
July 22–26 | Ages 7–10 | Learn more & register

In this camp, students will learn how to use LEGO BOOST to solve various challenges and test their creativity. Whether we’re building a rover to explore far off planets or a robot to assist humans here on Earth, we’ll have a blast learning the true power of robotics!

Wizards and Muggles Engineering
July 22 – 26 | Ages 5–12 | Learn more & register

Bricks4Kidz campers will experience engineering fun as they build magical motorized models that remind them of their favorite wizard, Harry Potter. Campers will also have a blast creating take-home crafts, experimenting with science in our “potions” class, playing Hogwarts style games like Quidditch and making new wizard and muggle friends. This class is filled with STEM-enriched excitement that all wizards and muggles are sure to love!

Chess Wizards Camp
July 22–26 | Ages 6–12 | Learn more & register

Join us this summer for tons of challenging chess lessons, exciting games and cool prizes. Students will improve their chess skills, meet new friends and work out their most powerful muscle—their brain! Our camps include fun team chess games (like bughouse), recess time (of course), snacks, tournaments and puzzles. Each camper receives a T-shirt, trophy and puzzle folder. Unleash your brain power and spend part of your vacation with Chess Wizards!

Minecraft Societies
July 22 – 26 | Ages 11–14 | Learn more & register

We challenge students to discover teamwork, exercise their ingenuity and enhance their social and problem-solving skills while learning about the pillars that make a great society. Students start in a harsh environment and discover what it takes to survive as an outpost. From there, students vote on what they would like their city to focus on: security, education, healthcare, public works and more.

Minecraft Architect
July 29 – August 2 | Ages 11–14 | Learn more & register

This popular camp teaches basic mathematics through Minecraft EDU. Students will first learn how to read and write blueprints. Before getting on Minecraft, each student must calculate his or her building material and submit a building proposal that outlines the cost of the structure. Working independently within a group, students must coordinate and work with a class budget while dealing with market variables. Students will take home a portfolio of their work at the end of camp.

Adventures in Art Camp
July 29–August 1 | Ages 6–12 | Learn more & register

Under the guidance of certified Robert Garden School of Art instructors, your young artist will complete eight works of art featuring realistic landscapes, seascapes, animals, still life and more. Students learn fundamentals of painting, perspective, color theory and composition using watercolor, acrylic and oil paints as well as oil pastels, pencils and charcoal. All art supplies are provided.

Fusion Gaming: Junior
July 29 – August 2 | Ages 7–10 | Learn more & register

In this introductory coding camp, kids will code a pre-made game while learning the basics of level design. Each camper will then make a short video about his or her experience. Students will take their games home and can share their video through the 8Bit YouTube channel. This is the perfect camp for novice programmers!

Junior Robotics
July 29 – August 2 | Ages 7–13 | Learn more & register

This camp mixes the challenge of computer programming with the sheer fun of building with LEGO bricks. Using drag-and-drop icon-based software, LEGO WEDO provides an introduction to the world of computer programming and robotics that will equip children to succeed in a tech-based marketplace. This action-packed robotics session teaches real-life skills through real-kid fun!

If you have questions about any of our camps, please contact Southlake Parks and Recreation at (817) 748-8019.