The City of Southlake unveiled its newest piece of public art on Wednesday, May 24, at 9:00 AM at the Liberty Gardens in Bicentennial Park.Singing of the National Anthem

City Council members, Art Council members, first responders, and the artist gathered at the Liberty Gardens to celebrate the arrival of “Remembrance and Renewal” by New York artist Mark Weisbeck. Mayor Huffman made the opening remarks, followed by Zac Rowe from Gateway Music Ministries singing “The National Anthem” and "America the Beautiful." Southlake Arts Council Chair Tamara McMillan and artists Mark and Diane Weisbeck also made some remarks.

Two artists stand in front of a statue of the Twin TowersThe new, 15-foot-tall statue consists of two stainless steel towers with lightly textured brass in a “Statue of Liberty” green patina. The sculpture invites the viewer to celebrate with love and honor all those lost and affected by the events of 9-11 and pay tribute to those people and loved ones in a positive, hopeful, and compassionate manner. It invites contemplation and healing within the beautiful gardens and inspires us to work toward harmony, goodwill, and peace. The sculpture reminds us that no matter what actions of terror occur, there will always be citizens who will stand against it and work toward friendship, understanding, and peace to make the world a better place for all.

“Remembrance and Renewal” was approved by the Southlake Arts Council during their April 26, 2022, Arts Council meeting and by the Southlake City Council during their May 17, 2022, meeting. Learn more about Southlake’s Public Art program by visiting our Public Art website.

Visit the Liberty Gardens in Bicentennial Park to spend a moment of contemplation in front of our newest piece.

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