Saturday, June 12, 2021

‘I Believe in Southlake’ Mural Goes on Display in Town Square

Southlake Town Hall has a new accessory this week as the City’s first mural titled “I Believe in Southlake,” was unveiled on Tuesday, December 8.

Inspired by the public art displays in New Orleans, it was developed to show some of the many reasons why Southlake is vibrant and unforgettable.

Mayor Laura Hill said City officials started brainstorming ways to bring more people to Southlake Town Square and enjoy with their families.

“I am so proud of our City. Southlake is so many things to so many people, and I love that this piece of public art captures all the things that make it unique and special. I can’t wait to see the pictures on social media; I think it’s a great way for people to make memories in a place that all of us love to visit and enjoy,” she said.

The city is putting the final touches on the newly erected display to help ensure safety for those taking keepsake photos in front of it.

The mural, designed by Southlake’s Marketing and Graphic Design Coordinator Missy Saunders, includes beloved staples of the Southlake community and Texas. It is the first of its kind Southlake Public Art initiative. The painting, which is estimated to be 15 feet wide and 8.5 feet tall, was further developed by local artist Liz Bonham. It’s located on the building’s northwest side, across the street from Rockfish.

This initiative is also part of the Southlake Arts Master Plan, which includes creating engaging public spaces that stimulate discussion, cultivate patrons of the arts, and celebrates Southlake’s history.

To learn more about the City’s public art collection, visit

“Flying Together”: Sculpture Dedicated at Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd. Roundabout

The City of Southlake dedicated the “Flying Together” sculpture by Adam Schultz from Dream Big Sculpture at Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd roundabout on Friday, May 19, 2017.

Artist, Adam Schultz, designed “Flying Together” featuring two bronze eagles soaring into the sky. This image symbolizes the great heights that have been achieved through the spirit of community in Southlake. The eagles, birds native to the Texas area, represent the ideas of freedom and innovation while reflecting Southlake’s traditional, small town charm. The pair of eagles are flying across a stainless steel circle, moving into the future.

“In recent years, Southlake has shown a true commitment to the arts by unveiling pieces of public art in the City’s roundabouts, parks and facilities. Knowing that roundabouts serve as portals into the City, we are proud to have a sculpture at the Dove, Peytonville and Sam School Rd. roundabout that can be seen and appreciated by all the residents and visitors to Southlake,” noted Community Services Director Chris Tribble.

For more information about the sculpture, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.

“Southlake Constellation” Sculpture Dedicated at The Marq Southlake

The City of Southlake dedicated the “Southlake Constellation” sculpture by Kathi Caricoff at The Marq Southlake on Monday, May 23, 2016.

The artist, Kathi Caricoff, designed a celestial-inspired piece with three abstract stainless steel stars. The celestial theme was created when Southlake Arts Council had an idea for the artwork to resemble a Texas night sky. The way the stars interact with one another is reminiscent of people dancing and their various heights make the artwork visually engaging from inside The Marq as well as outside. Caricoff’s work is designed to be relevant, welcoming and approachable for a broad audience.

Southlake Consetllation Day and NightIn recent years, Southlake has shown a true commitment to the arts unveiling pieces of public art in the City’s roundabouts, parks and facilities. The City is proud to have art at The Marq, Southlake’s first multipurpose community recreation center. Phase 1 of the Marq is complete and Phase 2 will begin construction this fall. When complete, the Marq will be a place the community can practice many forms of art through music, theater, art classes, dancing and sports. The beautiful “Southlake Constellation” is an iconic sculptural statement for The Marq Southlake and our community.
For more information, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8036.