Saturday, September 25, 2021

CISD Names Johnson New Director of Bands

Ken Johnson, CISD Director of Bands

Carroll ISD has approved Ken Johnson as the new Director of Bands.

Johnson replaces Jay Bach, who is retiring after 23 with Carroll, including the last six as director. Johnson has been a long-time assistant under Bach, a role he has served the past 18 years in Carroll.

Johnson started in Carroll in 1999 as Assistant Band Director and Director of Percussion Studies and in 2010 he was elevated to Director of Carroll’s Marching Band.

“Mr. Johnson is a long-time Dragon that has a unique ability to connect with students, parents and the community,” said Shawn Duhon, Carroll Senior High School Principal. “His passion for seeing students and the marching band succeed is very personal to him and he takes great pride in this.”

During his tenure he has helped coordinate and direct the Dragon Band in UIL Marching Region and Area contests, invitational marching and drumline contests, halftime spirit and playoff shows (“LIDS”) and UIL Solo and Ensemble entries.

“His love for the Dragon Band is seen daily throughout Carroll ISD and the state of Texas,” said P.J. Giamanco, Carroll High School Principal. “His enthusiasm for music and music education has us eager to see him working more closely with our members, advanced and beginner players alike, as well as our directors to produce more excellence for CISD.”

The Dragon Marching Band is a consistent finalist at marching contests, including the Golden Triangle Classic every year entered since 2010 — winning multiple caption awards and being named the 2014 Grand Champion.

Johnson’s career path is similar to his predecessor Bach, who spent 16 years as assistant director before taking over the program following Ron Behrends’ retirement.

Dragons Dominate Region 31 Jazz Auditions

Carroll Jazz students participated in the Region 31 Jazz Auditions on Saturday, September 17, and produced stellar results. This is the first year of existence for TMEA Region 31, which consists of the Carrollton-Farmers Branch, Coppell, Grapevine-Colleyville, Birdville, HEB and Carroll school districts.

Out of 40 spots available across two All-Region jazz ensembles, Dragons won 22 of them, including ten in Jazz Ensemble 1. Those ten students have advanced to the Area level and will record their auditions for All-State in two weeks. See below a list of Dragons advancing to the Area level.

  • Samuel Ma, Junior
  • Cameron Barth, Senior
  • Kyle Cantrell, Junior
  • Brendan James, Sophomore
  • Ross Beazley, Senior
  • Keara Hanlon, Senior
  • Justin Little, Junior
  • Austin Woolsey, Senior
  • Liam McCabe, Junior
  • Kade Lehman, Junior
  • Andrew Butemeyer, Senior
  • Blaise Sherrill, Senior
  • Samuel Ortiz, Senior
  • Walter Gaman, Junior
  • Ryan Resma, Senior
  • Eric Meyne, Sophomore
  • Asher Stevens, Sophomore
  • David Kent, Senior
  • Ryan Burks, Senior
  • Kyle Hassien, Senior
  • Paul Venesky, Junior
  • Michael Breuer, Junior

MasterWorks presents the Southlake Community Band

The City of Southlake and the Arts Council Northeast are pleased to present The Southlake Community Band as part of the 2016 MasterWorks Concert Series on September 17. Join us for a Saturday night at Southlake Town Square for a night of music with your friends and family.

The Southlake Community Band is comprised of more than 70 talented adult amateur musicians who enjoy playing music just for fun. The band performs regularly in Southlake an dsurrounding cities, and provides a range of music spanning broadway, classic band, sousa marches, and familiar children’s music!

Make sure to bring a chair or blanket and come ready for some great music and good times.
There will also be food trucks at all outdoor performances.

DMS Bands Play Successful Competition Season

The competition season winds down with big honors for band students at Dawson Middle School.

The Wind Ensemble had a successful performance at the Peak Music Festival at the UNT Murchison Performing Arts Center. The students received straight superior ratings from all three judges and won Best in Class for CCC. The DMS Ensemble also took home the top award: Outstanding Middle School Band.

The judges also recognized outstanding individuals and sections:

  • Outstanding Flute Solo- Elizabeth File and Allison Semadeni
  • Outstanding Tuba- Jacob Ammermann
  • Outstanding French Horn Section- Carys Sutherland, Sahaj Singh, Caitlyn Hanlon, and Sophia Deras
  • Outstanding Percussion Section- Claire Casey, Spencer Foster, Luke Havener, Chaya Hemanth, Naysan Sahba, Anna Su, Erica Warner, and Desi West

The Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band competed last week at the Beach Within Reach Band Contest. Both bands earned straight superior ratings from all three judges.

On April 24, the Concert Band competed at the Peak Music Festival at Wakeland High School and also earned straight superior ratings from all three judges.

The DMS Jazz Band competed at the Chet Baker Educational Jazz Festival on Saturday, April 18. This was Dawson Jazz band’s first ever competition. They receive straight superior ratings from all three judges. In addition, they were won the Premiere Performance award (outstanding band).

The judges also recognized outstanding soloists:

  • Braden Pecora, Alto Sax
  • Kristina Kepic, Alto Sax
  • Natalie Whalen, Trumpet
  • Carson Gleim, Piano
  • Luke Wilkerson, Drumset
  • Nikash Tekkem, Drumset
  • Emilio Schroeder, Drumset

Dawson Middle School invites the community to the final performance of the year, scheduled for next Tuesday, May 12. The band’s annual spring concert will be at 7 p.m. in the Carroll Senior High Auditorium. The performance will feature the Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band, Concert Band, and Eubanks Intermediate Band.

Southlake's Just Brass Band Donates to Local Hospital

Just Brass Band press release 1- MY SL NEWS

Pictured left to right: Kelly Maher Thomas, Director Baylor Health Care System Foundation, Ethan Jezek, David Coughlin, Devon Jezek, Walter Gaman, Samuel Ortiz, Austin Woolsey, and Tim Moore, Director Baylor Health Care System Foundation.

Local area youth band members met with the Baylor Health Care System Foundation and donated funds raised over the holidays to benefit Parkinson’s research.

The Just Brass Band, a local Southlake youth brass band ensemble, raised over $300 for Parkinson’s research by playing several concerts at the Southlake Town Square throughout December 2014. Concerts were free and were mainly for fun.  Passerby’s donated money in the tuba case as they stopped to listen, watched children dance to the tunes and enjoyed the holiday spirit while shopping or waiting for Santa at the town center.

Ethan Jezek formed the group last year for fun with four friends all from Carroll ISD.  This year, the group expanded to seven players ranging in age from seventh grade to sophomores in high school and decided to name themselves The Just Brass Band.  They not only grew in size, but also in music repertoire, and they decided to give the money they raised to charity.

Just Brass Band press release - MY SL NEWS

Pictured left to right: Samuel Ortiz, Walter Gaman, Sally Hatfield, Devon Jezek, Austin Woolsey, David Coughlin, and Ethan Jezek

“My friends and I love to play our instruments and had so much fun last year playing, that we invited a few more friends to join us this season,” said Ethan Jezek, band leader. “My grandmother, who is a professional musician in the Houston area and has inspired my love for music, was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It’s a debilitating disease that will eventually prevent my grandmother from doing what she loves. The Band discussed it and decided to donate the money we made to Parkinson’s research in honor of my grandmother.”

The Just Brass Band was spotted by Trisha Murphy-Rae, executive director of Christmas is for Children, who asked them to play at the local Christmas is for Children charity food drive at St. John’s Baptist Church earlier in December.

“I was just coming out of Starbucks at the town center and heard this beautiful Christmas music,” said Trisha Murphy-Rae. “I got enough chutzpah and went over and asked them if they would play at the Christmas is for Children food drive. I’m so glad I went over and discovered them. The Band did such a great job. They were such a hit of the ball and brought so much joy to all the people volunteering. They even jumped right in and helped out with the food baskets when they were done playing. What a great group of kids.”

As the name implies The Just Brass Band is a group of seven Carroll band students, all brass instrument players. Members of the band include: band leader Ethan Jezek – tuba (9th grade), his sister Devon Jezek – french horn (7th grade), Sally Hatfield – french horn (8th grade), Austin Woolsey – trombone (10th grade), David Coughlin – trombone (9th grade), Samuel Ortiz – trumpet (10th grade) and Walter Gaman – trumpet (9th grade).

“We had a lot of fun playing,” said David Coughlin, band member.  “Raising that much money for charity while getting to play my instrument, which I love to do, was amazing.”

“I hope this experience is one that all the kids will remember throughout their lives,” said band parent Anne Woolsey. “What a great way for the kids to gain more experience, and confidence playing their instruments, while bringing joy to those around them during the holiday season.”

“The Band would like to thank all those that stopped by to listen to us,” said Jezek. “Thank you for your donations to Parkinson’s research. With your help, we are one step closer to finding a cure and better treatment options.”

The Just Brass Band plans to continue the tradition and will play again next holiday season at the Southlake Town Square and is considering expanding their repertoire yet again to include other music to play all throughout the year.

For more information, call Paige Force Jezek at 817.995.9205.

Dawson Band Students Advance in Region Auditions

Throughout the past week, over 1200 middle school band students from Grapevine-Colleyville ISD, Lewisville ISD, and Carroll ISD auditioned for the Region 24 Middle School All Region Bands. Of the 400 students selected, 42 were from Dawson Middle School. Dawson had the second highest number of students make the bands out of the 21 schools in the Region.

Elizabeth File- 8th Chair Flute, Wind Ensemble
Camille Pardoe- 11th Chair Flute, Honor Band
Allison Semadeni- 4th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Sophia LeBlanc- 7th Chair Flute, Concert Band
Erin Fritz- Flute Alternate
Bill Kahn- 4th Chair Oboe, Honor Band
Andrew Kim- Oboe Alternate
Nolan Mikolasik- 2nd Chair Bassoon, Symphonic Band
Isabella Grice- 16th Chair Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Nick Walker- 16th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Isabella Miller- 17th Chair Clarinet, Honor Band
Jessica Creech- 3rd Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Emily Stalder- 7th Chair Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Steven Mediterraneo- 14th Chair Clarinet, Concert Band
Alexa Aponte- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Wind Ensemble
Viraaj Kovela- 2nd Chair Bass Clarinet, Symphonic Band
Tori Thomas- 4th Chair Bass Clarinet, Honor Band
Allen Zhou- 2nd Chair Alto Sax, Honor Band
Alvin Zhang- 4th Chair Alto Sax, Concert Band
Ethan Budvitis- 1st Chair Tenor Sax, Symphonic Band
Ethan Kim- 2nd Chair Tenor Sax, Honor Band
Sarah Andrews- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Symphonic Band
Jenna Eads- 2nd Chair Bari Sax, Wind Ensemble
Natalie Whalen- 2nd Chair Trumpet, Wind Ensemble
Kayla Nguyen- 4th Chair Trumpet, Honor Band
Cole Ragsdale- 6th Chair Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Christopher Ciccone- 9th Trumpet, Symphonic Band
Katherine Shofran- 5th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Sai Mahapatra- 10th Chair Trumpet, Concert Band
Cece Sutherland- 1st Chair Horn, Wind Ensemble
Sahaj Singh- 2nd Chair Horn, Symphonic Band
Caitlyn Hanlon- 4th Chair Horn, Concert Band
Eric Meyne- 8th Chair Trombone, Wind Ensemble
Gregory Salazar- 1st Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Asher Stevens- 4th Chair Trombone, Honor Band
Peter Adams- 7th Chair Trombone, Symphonic Band
Matt Hahn- 7th Chair Trombone, Concert Band
Jack Crump- Trombone Alternate
Destin Blanchard- 3rd Chair Euphonium, Symphonic Band
Ryan Seltzer- 2nd Chair Euphonium, Concert Band
Jacob Ammermann- 3rd Chair Tuba, Wind Ensemble
Naysan Sahba- 4th Chair Percussion, Wind Ensemble
Claire Casey- 4th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Spencer Foster- 5th Chair Percussion, Honor Band
Desi West- 8th Chair Percussion, Symphonic Band
Chaya Hemanth- Percussion Alternate

BluPrint Comes to Southlake for a Free Masterworks Concert in the Park

BLUPRINTArts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake are pleased to welcome BluPrint for a concert on June 14, 2014, at Southlake Town Square. The concert begins at 7:30 p.m.

“Versatility, professionalism, stage enthusiasm, and soul-shaken style make BluPrint an experience you will not forget”- Fort Worth Star Telegram

BluPrint is a diverse, high-energy cover band, homegrown in the DFW area in 1997.  Founder, James Byerly, has brought in musicians and singers over the years that have played for and performed with the likes of Johnny Kemp, Yarbrough and Peoples, and Ron Grant.

BluPrint’s music style covers many genres — pop, blues, classic rock, top 40, R&B, funk, big band, and jazz.  Each band member takes pride in the fact that BluPrint plays and sings every note, every performance, and every song, without reliance on mechanical tracks.

Through the MasterWorks Series, Arts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake present free performances on selected evenings throughout the year. The MasterWorks Series is designed to offer a variety of quality family entertainment to the community by utilizing the talent of local, regional, and national artists.

For more information on the Masterworks Series, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.

Southlake Community Band Performs a Free Concert on May 10, 2014

Southlake Community BandSouthlake, Texas – Arts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake are pleased to welcome Southlake Community Band & Swing Band for a concert on May 10, 2014, at Southlake Town Square from 7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m..

In January 1992, the Southlake Community Band was formed.  At that time, the band was called the Lake Cities Community Band.  Larry Samaritan, a professional musician in the New York/New Jersey area since age 15, accepted the baton as the first conductor of the Band.  The group’s first performance was given on April 3rd, 1992, as the finale act of the Carroll High School Variety Show.  The performance was great, the standing ovation was deafening, and the Band’s foundation for the future was firmly laid.

In 1997, the Southlake Community Band was accepted for Affiliate Membership in the Arts Council Northeast.  Now boasting nearly 70 members, the Southlake Community and Swing Bands are a vital part of the vibrant northeast Tarrant County arts and entertainment community.

Through the MasterWorks Series, Arts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake present free performances on selected evenings throughout the year. The MasterWorks Series is designed to offer a variety of quality family entertainment to the community by utilizing the talent of local, regional, and national artists.

For more information, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.

Concert in the Park- November 9, 2013

Southlake, Texas – Arts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake are pleased to welcome The Killdares for a concert on November 9, 2013. The concert will be held at Rustin Pavilion in Southlake Town Square from 7:30 p.m.- 9:00 p.m.

Originally formed in 1996, The Killdares have come to be known as one of the hottest, cutting edge bands in music today – Celtic or otherwise. World-class musicians from all over the U.S., they have come together in Texas to create and perform a brand new version of hard-driving, alternative Celtic rock music.

Blending traditional Celtic playing skills, power-pop accessibility, and straight up rock n’ roll hooks, The Killdares have created a fresh new sound that’s blended with enough commercial edge to be instantly recognizable, always engaging, and appealing to fans of all ages. Their live shows are filled with an infectious energy so powerful that it has been known to move people to tears. Even die-hard fans of purely traditional Celtic music have embraced the band’s powerful genre-bending sound.

Through the MasterWorks Series, Arts Council Northeast and the City of Southlake present free performances on selected evenings throughout the year. The MasterWorks Series is designed to offer a variety of quality family entertainment to the community by utilizing the talent of local, regional, and national artists.

For more information, please contact Southlake Community Services at (817) 748-8019.