Friday, August 12, 2022

August Summer Camps

You can register for all of our camps online or in person at Champions Club (285 Shady Oaks Drive).

Popular camps fill quickly, so be sure to register early. Camps that do not meet minimum registration requirements two business days prior to their scheduled start date will be canceled.

Animakers Factory
August 5–9 | Ages 6–11 | Learn more & register

Join our group of creators and inventors as we use motors, cables, batteries, buzzers, propellers and other materials to create our own toys. Instructors will teach campers how to apply principles of friction, speed, simple machines and gear assembly to invent things that they can play with for the rest of the summer. If you’ve got a creative kiddo with a passion for making things, this is the camp for you!

Artificial Intelligence
August 5–9 | Ages 6–13 | Learn more & register

Artificial intelligence is changing the world as we know it, and this camp gives kids a hands-on look at how it works. Kids will create a heart pacemaker model, code a heart monitor simulator, program a digital car that memorizes where obstacles are and even program a digital robot that asks people questions and learns from the answers. We’ll also learn about Watson and other AI tools and discuss their influence on robotics.

3D Printing Camp
August 5–9 | Ages 10–12 | Learn more & register

Introduce your child to the miracle of 3D printing technology! Campers will develop an understanding of how 3D printers work and learn the fundamentals of 3D printing to design and create their own amazing objects, both in teams and individually. Each camper takes home a project at the end of the camp.

Dodgeball Camp
August 12–15 | Ages 8–12 | Learn more & register

Our ultra-popular program includes several versions of dodgeball. The emphasis is on fun, teamwork and exercise. We will play many different versions of the classic game using the new coated foam balls. These balls are safe and perfect for fun indoor play! Groups are divided based on ages.

Basketball Tech Camp
August 12–15 | Ages 8–12 | Learn more & register

Basketball Tech Camp is perfect for players who are looking for a serious and fun basketball experience. In addition to helping players improve their individual dribbling, passing and shooting skills, we also emphasize team concepts to put all of the pieces together. Part of each class will be devoted to scrimmages.

For more information, please contact Southlake Parks and Recreation at (817) 748-8019.