Saturday, February 24, 2024

Durham Student Finds Fitness Fame in Europe

Elise Cerami, Carroll ISD Student

Elise Cerami, Carroll ISD Student

Elise Cerami, a sixth grader at Durham Intermediate School is helping to promote health and fitness for youth in Belgium.

Through local company, Kidz In Motion Sports, Elise was part of a video produced for the Belgium Public Televison Broadcasting service. The company’s goal is to educate and encourage kids to be more active.

Utilizing sports and activities, the company hopes to motivate and inspire children try new activities while building their self-confidence. Most of the kids highlighted in the videos have some level of experience with their sport, but more importantly the videos show how much fun their chosen sport can be. Producers say the videos do a great job depicting the child’s passion and dedication toward their activity in an effort to show other children to enjoy a new activity.

Elise was chosen by Coach Nathan at Southlake Tennis Center to represent the sport of tennis. Elise Cerami’s video is temporarily being aired on this website.