Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Carroll Senior High Backs the Blue

The next time you visit Southlake Town Square you will notice a sea of blue ribbons tied around trees, park benches and light poles.

Carroll Senior High School Principal Shawn Duhon, his staff and teachers wanted to show support for Southlake Police Officers. What better way to ‘Back the Blue’ than tying blue ribbons from Town Hall to the Rustin Pavilion. They gathered on this cloudy Tuesday morning and spread out across the square with armfuls of blue ribbons.  IMG_3762IMG_3839

Principal Duhon said the group purchased 72 rolls of blue ribbon; even buying out all of the blue ribbon at Costco and Hobby Lobby. Duhon says, “I emphasize the importance of family on our campus and this is our way of showing support to our police officers and letting them know that they are part of our family and that we love and support them.”

The Southlake Police Department is extremely honored to see such an outpouring of love and support. The blue ribbons will serve as a daily reminder to our officers as they patrol Town Square and the streets of Southlake. Chief James Brandon says, “We really appreciate your support and want you to know that it does make a difference. When we see people like you doing things like this, it really helps remind us why we love doing what we do every day.”   IMG_3834

The entire community has been so gracious in showing support to officers in so many ways, from cards and letters, baked goods and complete meals, to wrapping Town Square in blue ribbons. The men and women of the Southlake Police Department are humbled by these acts of kindness and the show of support by its citizens, school staff members and local businesses. “Thank you”, doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our sincere gratitude, but know that we do ‘Thank you’ all from the bottom of our hearts. We will never forget the many ways in which you let us know how much you support and appreciate the members of the Southlake Police Department.