Saturday, December 2, 2023

Work Out Buddies and Boo Boo’s Buddies Meet Up

We mean it when we say we are a Champions Club family, and that extends to our four-legged champions!

Champions Club members, join us on Monday, September 27 from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm for a can’t miss member appreciation celebration! This legendary crossover event will have you asking, “who let the dogs out?”

We love working out and prioritizing wellness for the whole family, and this time we mean the entire family! Because our fur babies can’t join us at Champions Club, we are bringing the fun and exercise to them! Bring your favorite four-legged friend and meet us at Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park for a fun evening inside Bob Jones Park featuring giveaways, dog treats, toys, and more!

Champions Club members have more in common than they may think. They are determined, love a challenge, are willing to go the extra mile, and love their dogs! What better way to get to know your fellow workout buddies than by meeting their Boo Boo’s Buddies as well?

When asked about the inspiration behind this furtastic idea, Membership Services Coordinator, Marianne Burton explained that she, “thought it might be fun for members to connect with other members that share a common interest. Spending time together with friends and pets in a park that’s part of their community is a great way to bond outside of the Champions Club environment! We will have a fun giveaway as well as treats and toys for pets!”

Don’t miss out on one-of-a-kind members-only appreciation events like this one! Join Champions Club today to get the true family experience!

Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park is located inside Bob Jones Par at 3901 N. White Chapel Bvd.

Going Mutts over Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park

There is no time like Springtime in North Texas: the weather is pleasant, your dog’s tail is wagging, and the great outdoors are beckoning!

If your pup is craving a fun day in the sun, look no further than Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park at Bob Jones Park. Bob Jones Park consists of almost 500 acres of primarily native Cross Timbers habitat. Apart from its multiple soccer fields, ample parking, playground, and six miles of scenic trails, Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park boasts 2.5 acres of canine fun! Who says the perfect playdate must include other humans?

A trip to Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park is sure to be a day you’ll never fur-get; however, we’re offering some tips to make sure your puppy outing is pawsome!

Tip #1: Walk your dog before going to the park

If your dog is smiling with his head out the window and his tail is wagging on your drive to the park, you can bet he is excited to play with friends. However, other dogs and owners may get scared if an overly energetic puppy dashes through the park. To blow off some steam, take your dog on a short walk before letting him in the park.

Tip #2: Ensure your dog is well trained

Dog parks are ideal places for dogs to socialize, exercise, and exhaust their energy, but an untrained dog can easily turn a day at the park sour. Before letting your pup off the leash, it is essential to have mastered basic training commands such as sit, stay, come, and leave it. Additionally, your dog must be comfortable socializing with other dogs calmly and without getting aggressive or scared.

Tip #3: Pay attention to your friend

The atmosphere at a dog park can be very stimulating. Keep a close eye on your pup at all times to ensure he is having fun, playing nice, and not getting into fights. A trip to the dog park is not the time to catch up with your news feed. So put your phone away and pay close attention to body language as well! Your dog might feel overwhelmed or could be intimidating other pups. Don’t forget to keep your dog hydrated and pick up after him with one of our available Dog Stations!

The dog park is a fun space for your furry friend to play and meet other pups! Make your stay at Boo Boo’s Buddies Dog Park a positive one with these tips! Adhering to this advice will ensure your best friend is the most pupular pooch in the park!