Monday, September 27, 2021

SAGT, Carroll AP Boosters Present Annual Teacher Grants

Carroll ISD receives support in many ways. Two groups that support the district in maintaining academic excellence are the Carroll AP Booster Club and The Southlake Association of Gifted and Talented. Both of these non-profit organizations provide grants, donations and community support needed to advance teachers and students in their scholarly pursuits.

Recently, the Carroll AP Boosters and SAGT awarded grants to two dozen Carroll ISD faculty members. Board Members, Julie Doyle and Kelli Zenick presented SAGT grants to teachers during the Jan. 13 School Board Meeting.

“We are happy that we can partner with Carroll ISD and parents to support our GT teachers and students,” said SAGT President Julie Doyle. “In addition to the $5,388 we were able to award in teacher grants this year,  SAGT also partnered with schools and PTO’s and paid $1,750 to help 14 GT teachers attend the annual TAGT conference in December.”

The Carroll AP Boosters also awarded grants recently, fulfilling 17 teacher requests for enrichment grants. There was a 14% increase in grant funds this year, do to a successful membership drive and a grant from IBM. In addition, the Carroll AP Booster Club will be offering several $1,000.00 Senior Scholarships in the spring which are funded through local community sponsorships.  Details about the scholarship application process and due dates will be available next month.

“We are privileged to support our advanced academic teachers to enhance the educational opportunities of CISD students,” said AP Booster President Kelli Zenick. “We are proud to play a small role in providing our CISD teachers the additional resources needed for their classrooms and we appreciate the continued support of our membership and our community.”

This year SAGT will not only donate $7,500 in grants, the group will also host two Student Program events and six Parent Program events, as well as award a scholarship to a graduating senior. SAGT awarded partial or full grants to all teachers (8 total) who submitted grant applications. Grant requests totaled over $13,000.

Below is a list of all CISD AP and Quest teachers who received grants this year:

Elementary Schools

  • Judy Leddy, WGES – SAGT Grant: $719.00 for (2) Lego EV3 Robotics Core Set with chargers
  • Keri Lejeune, OUES- SAGT Grant: $559.85 for (1) Lego EV3 Robotics Core Set with charger and 2 Expansion Sets
  • Cindy Featherston, RES – SAGT Grant: $199.99 for LittleBits Deluxe Kit
  • Nancy Musgrave, JES – SAGT Grant: $822.00 for (2) iPad minis, AppleCare and cases

Durham Intermediate School

  • Melissa Bailey – AP Booster Grant: $750.00 for KIVA Loans
  • Patty Christensen  – SAGT Grant: $450.00 for a year-long VoiceThread teacher license
  • Lance Mangham – AP Booster Grant: $711.11 for Makerbot Digitizer Desktop

Eubanks Intermediate School

  • Cindi Arnold – AP Booster Grant: $260.00, buses for field trip
  • Lisa Gilbert – SAGT Grant: $1,237.00 for (1) iPad with AppleCare; 7 iPad cases and 7 wireless keyboards
  • Janay Hunt – AP Booster Grant: $3.077.61 for 3 Dell laptops, SAGT Grant: $1,025.87 for a Dell laptop

Carroll Middle School

  • Jenny Bowen – AP Booster Grant: $2,943.74 for T1 Calculators
  • Matthew Colvin – AP Booster Grant: $315.77 for 8 iPad cases

Carroll High School

  • Shane Bybee – SAGT Grant: $374.00 for registration fee and meals to attend the Texas Council of Teachers of English Language Arts Conference
  • Yuhsin Lee – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration
  • Keeley Lowery – AP Booster Grant: $1,471.87 for a Blue Dig. BioImaging, 4 calculator
  • Julie McCurley – AP Booster Grant: $1,216.08 for a lab oven
  • Karen Otto – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration

Carroll Senior High School

  • Kathryn Dobrow – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Rebecca Gould – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Reigstration
  • Karen Knight – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Linda Lacava – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Kim Lufkin, CSHS – AP Booster Grant: $550.00 for AP Conference Registration
  • Paula Orr – AP Booster Grant: $365.00 for College Board Workshop Registration
  • Linda Woessner – AP Booster Grant: $1,949.95 for 15 Sphero Robot

More information about both organizations are available online. Click here to visit the Carroll AP Boosters website, click here to visit the SAGT website.

Seniors Receive Scholarships at CMA Banquet

Carroll Medical Academy had their banquet Saturday, May 4 at DFW Hilton. CMA Boosters presented scholarships to seniors. Awards went out to eight soon to be graduates of Carroll ISD.

Matthew Friske who will be attending SMU received a scholarship from Frank Bliss of Coopers and Stebbins. Jennifer Hall who will be attending University of Texas in Austin received her scholarship from Dr. David Hunter. Mimi Tran represented Frost Bank in presenting a scholarship to Aaron Ireland who is headed to Washington University. On behalf of Tommy Pennington Realty, Christina McCombs presented a scholarship to Julie Kresky who will be attending University of Southern California (UCLA). Kaci Lambeth who is headed to Trinity University received her scholarship from Dr. Shadid Shafi. Vighnesh Nair who is headed to the University of Texas in Austin received her scholarship from Dr. Ron Groves. Nathan Taylor of Farmers Insurance presented a scholarship to Sarah Philip who is headed to University of Dallas. Brittany Wang, who will be attending Harvard, received her scholarship from Dr. Mark Mason. Kristin La received an appreciation internship from Mrs. Sarah Mason and Dr. Mark Mason.

Carroll Medical Academy would like to thank the businesses that sponsor the CMA Senior Scholarship: Frank Bliss of Copper and Stebbins, Mimi Tran with Frost Bank, Dr. Sandra Armstrong and Dr. Amy Watts with Giggles and Grins, PLLC, Dr. Trung Tran with Clinical Pediatric Associates, Dr. David Hunter with NTFOS, Dr. Ron Groves with Groves Orthodontics, Dr. Mark Greenberg with All-Star Orthopedics, Nathan Taylor of Farmers, Dr. Shadid Shafi with Surgical Group of North Texas, Christina McCombs with Tommy Pennington Realtor and Dr. Mark Mason, MD with Southlake Plastic Surgery.

The Carroll Medical Academy is also proudly supported by Children’s Medical Center for the 2012-2013 school year.