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Celebrating Building Safety!

Join the Planning and Development Service Department in celebrating Building Safety during the month of May!

This month-long campaign recognizes all aspects of building safety and reinforces the need for adoption and implementation of modern, regularly-updated building codes. These codes help individuals, families and businesses by creating safe, sustainable structures constructed in a manner that minimizes risk of injury and property damage.

All communities need building codes to protect their citizens. Model building codes, adopted and enforced by well-trained, professional officials are society’s best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, stores and entertainment venues. The City of Southlake recently adopted the latest International Building Codes in April of this year.

“Our staff members: Permit Technicians, Code Enforcement Officers, Fire Officials, Building Inspectors and Plans Examiners are also known as First Preventers, who play a major role in protecting property and making sure Southlake families and the community is safer and more resilient,” stated Senior Director of Planning and Development Services Ken Baker. “Success is measured as a non-event; therefore, their mission is to prevent harm by ensuring compliance with building safety codes before a disaster occurs.”

The International Code Council identified five core themes that will be highlighted throughout the month of May:


The Planning and Development Services Department was presented a proclamation by Mayor Laura Hill on May 1 to commemorate the occasion.

City Council Reviews First Reading of the 2018 International Codes

Safety and security is always a top priority for the City of Southlake. It helps to promote a healthy and stable environment for our residents, visitors and businesses.  With the proper ordinances in place it can also help to regulate and control the use of occupancy, construction, repair, design and quality of materials used for buildings and structures within the City.

To ensure that the City continues to promote a safe and healthy environment, City Council had their first reading of the 2018 International Codes at their April 2 City Council meeting.

These codes were presented for adoption to provide regulations that safeguard public health and safety for the Southlake community.

Historically, the City adopted the International Code Council’s construction codes as local building codes with regional and local amendments; the codes are continually updated on the national level and published every three years.  The International Codes have been reviewed by the Regional Codes Coordinating Committee under the direction of the North Central Texas Council of Governments.  The NCTCOG recommended the City of Southlake to adopt these codes.

Building codes apply to virtually every type of structure from garages and houses to schools, churches, agricultural and commercial buildings.

The adoption includes the following codes: Building, Residential, Fire, Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Existing Building, Swimming Pool & Spa and Property Maintenance Codes.

The broad range of categories will be in place to help protect the health, property and welfare of the citizens of Southlake by ensuring that the codes are correctly enforced.

“The City provides effective building inspections and helps prevent violations by taking this proactive measure,” said Senior Director of Planning and Development Services, Ken Baker. “Enforcement of these ordinances is vital to establishing a safe and healthy community.”

The 2018 International Codes go into effect on May 1, 2019. City Council will have their second reading at the April 16 City Council meeting. All plans submitted to the City after the effective date must meet all 2018 International Code standards. For more information please visit our website.