Saturday, December 2, 2023

Customer Self-Service Portal to be Down Due to Upgrade

UPDATE DECEMBER 6, 4:38 P.M.: The Customer Self-Service portal is still updating. We are working with our vendor to provide more information such as a timeline for when the system will be available. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Due to a system upgrade, the Customer Self-Service portal, the online system used for water payments and to request building inspections, will be offline beginning Thursday, December 2 through Sunday, December 5. The system is expected to be back up on Monday, December 6. 

We apologize for the temporary inconvenience while we work on innovative ways to make our service better! 

During this time, users will be unable to use the water payment portal or the EnerGov portal used to request building inspections. This upgrade is expected to make the software faster and easier to use.  

If you need to make a water payment during this time, please mail your payment, come to the Southlake Water Utilities Office located in Town Hall, or use the after-hours drop box located in the breezeway between Origins and L’Occitane. Payments over the phone are not currently accepted by the office. 

Due to the timing of the outage with the December 5 water payment due date, the 10% late fee will not be assessed for late payments. For questions about payments, please call Southlake Water Utilities at 817-748-8051. 

If you need a building inspection during this time, please call the Building Inspections Office at 817-748-8236 or 817-748-8237. Please have your permit number, address, inspection type and other relevant information available when you call. 

Follow These 5 Steps For Pool Damage

It is likely that if you lost electrical power during the storm you also suffered damage to your pool or spa (motor, filter, valves, heater, fountain or pipes). If you have damage or suspect that you may have damage to your pool and/or spa the following steps are suggested:

  1. Turn off the power to the pool/spa at the circuit breaker if it is safe to do so (i.e. no standing water nearby).
  2. Contact your pool company or a quality contractor (licensed and insured) as soon as possible for a service call. (A service call may take a while given the volume of damaged pools in the region. Making matters worse, there was a shortage of pool parts prior to the storm due to COVID-19 and the high demand of people installing pools).
  3. If the damage to your pool or spa is related to the recent winter storm, your contractor should go ahead and make repairs first then file a permit application with the City Building Inspections Division after the work is completed (the City is allowing emergency repairs related to the storm to take place prior to permits being issued).
  4. Be sure that after your work is completed the contractor files a permit application with the City and requests an inspection by the City’s Building Inspection Division.
  5. Once an inspection is scheduled, staff from the City’s Building Inspections Division will come to your home and inspect the work completed to make sure it meets all required code and safety requirements.

If you have any questions regarding permit requirements, please call our Building Inspections Department at 817-748-8236 or 817-748-8237.

Questions Regarding City Regulations and Damage Repair

Have questions about City of Southlake regulations and repairing damage to private property from the recent winter storm? See our Q&A below:

Q)  Can a plumber do emergency work without a permit?

A) Yes, the work can be completed. The plumber should obtain a permit from the City at their earliest convenience. This process is especially important as the risk of unscrupulous contractors increases in the aftermath of an emergency situation.


Q)  If a plumber does emergency work will the City conduct an inspection?

A)  Yes, the City will schedule an inspection to ensure that the work completed meets the International Building Code Requirements once an inspection is requested by the permit holder. Once the work is completed by a licensed plumber, the system can be immediately placed back in service prior to the City inspection being conducted. This is an important safeguard for property owners, especially in the aftermath of an emergency.


Q)  Can a contractor do emergency work as a result of water damage or other storm related damage?

A)  Yes, the work can be completed. The contractor should obtain a permit from the City at their earliest convenience. The City will conduct an inspection on the work once requested by the permit holder.


Q)  Can a homeowner repair their own plumbing system?

A) Yes, but the homeowner still needs to obtain a permit from the City and are subject to inspections. The homeowner will need to contact the City to schedule the inspection.


Q)  Who should repair my water heater?

A)  It is recommended that a licensed plumber evaluate and repair water heaters.


Q) Will the City conduct an inspection on my water heater repair?

A)  Yes, once a permit has been obtained, the City will conduct an inspection once requested by the permit holder. If a licensed plumber performs the repairs, the system can be placed back into service immediately prior to an inspection being conducted. The State also allows homeowners to make their own repairs but you still need a permit and are subject to inspections. The City will conduct an inspection once a permit has been obtained and an inspection is requested by the permit holder. The City also can inspect water heaters via a video submitted by the permit holder.


Q)  Is the plumber or contractor responsible for obtaining the necessary permits?

A)  Yes. Reputable contractors understand the process.


Q)  Can permits be obtain online via the website?

A)  Yes, visit the City Building Inspection webpage – Online permitting.


Q)  Will the City be waiving permit fees for emergency repairs related to the recent weather events?

A) Yes – for any storm related damage for a 60 day period.


Q) Why do I need a permit from the City?

A) Permits are written authorizations issued by the City for building related a projects (plumbing, electrical, remodel, etc.) to ensure the safety of the work and its compliance with building, construction and zoning codes. It is also a way to ensure that the contractor that is doing work at your home or business is registered to do work in the City and holds the necessary licenses to perform the work. Once work is completed, the contractor (permit holder) is responsible to contact the City and schedule an inspection.  Once an inspection is scheduled, a City building inspector will visit your home/business to ensure that the work conducted meets all code requirements. This is an important safeguard for property owners, especially in the aftermath of an emergency.


Q)  If I have a question on the permitting process, who should I call or contact?

A)  You can call the Building Inspections Department at 817-748-8236 or 8237 (Business Hours). Also, you can ask a question online by visiting our Building Inspections webpage on the City’s web site.


Q) How do I choose a contractor?

A) Here’s our guidance on selecting a contractor.

Expected Winter Weather Could Impact City Services

Due to the anticipated inclement weather this weekend and next week, the City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 will be held virtually. Other board and commissions’ meetings may be held virtually. Keep an eye on our Virtual Meetings webpage for the latest information. 

Any further changes and closures due to weather will be announced through and our social media pages. 

Winter weather could impact City services. We will provide updates through social media regarding changes. 

Residents are encouraged to utilize the City’s e-services.  

Building Inspections 

The City’s Building Inspection Division will not be scheduling or conducting any on-site inspections on Monday, February 15. Virtual inspections for water heater replacement and HVAC will still be available. The department will be continuously monitoring weather conditions to determine when on-site building inspections can resume. For updates on building inspection statuses, please visit the Building Inspections webpage or Customer Self-Service webpage. For questions, please call 817-748-8236 or 817-748-8237. 

Road Maintenance 

In the event of snow accumulation, the City will work to clear main thoroughfares for public safety. Construction projects will be affected by weather due to precipitation and temperature. 

Please check road conditions through local media outlets or through Texas Department of Transportation Drive Texas websitebefore you drive and remember drive safely on roads with snow or potential ice. 

Trash and Recycling 

Republic Services has informed the City of Southlake that potential inclement weather could affect trash and recycling collection. We will communicate any updates we receive from Republic on changes to the schedule through social media and 


To protect your home, please use the following recommendations: 

  1. Place a hose bib cover on all outdoor faucets. If you do not have hose bib covers, a hand towel from the bathroom and duct tape will be a great substitute.
  2. Let a sink or tworunvery slow. A drip on the cold side works well, especially on the north side of your home. Water is cheaper than a broken pipe!  
  3. Leave cabinets under bathroom sinks open to let some warm air circulate.
  4. Please turn off thoseyard sprinkler systemsfor everyone’s safety! 
  5. To report any sprinkler systems running during freezing weather, call Southlake Water Utilities24 hourline at 817-748-8082 to report! 
  6. Bring your pets inside!
  7. Check your fire protection systems to verify pipes are insulated and the heaters are plugged in and working properly.
  8. Verify swimming pool pumps are winterized or running.

Winter Weather Preparedness 

To stay updated on weather alerts, please make sure you are signed up for Alert Southlake. If you’re already signed up, please verify your Alert Southlake contact information. 

As you prepare for anticipated weather events, please remember to prepare your home and vehicle, as well as potential power outages. Make sure to have water and warm clothing or blankets with you if you leave your home. 

Use the infographic below for guidance. 

Items to Have in Preparation for Winter Weather

It is important for all of us to stay safe during potential winter weather. Please be safe and stay up to date on weather conditions. Stay safe Southlake! 

What is Code Enforcement?

As part of the City of Southlake Planning and Development Services Department, Code Enforcement helps residents and businesses comply with code requirements through education and communication. 

Code Enforcements helps property owners understand the City’s ordinances while also responding to potential issues. This helps us keep Southlake safe and maintain our quality infrastructure. 

Watch this video for more information. 

What is Code Enforcement?

As part of the City of Southlake Planning and Development Services Department, Code Enforcement helps residents and businesses comply with code requirements through education and communication. This helps us keep Southlake safe and maintain our quality infrastructure. #PlanningMakesPerfect #SouthlakeStandard

Posted by City of Southlake, TX – Government on Thursday, September 17, 2020


Have questions about Code Enforcement? Visit 

Building in Southlake? Changes are coming.

The City of Southlake will host an informational meeting for builders, contractors and developers on March 31, 2016 at Southlake Town Hall from 7:45 am to 10:00 am providing an overview on upcoming changes to the City’s building and inspections permitting process as well as changes to the planning and development process.

Construction PhotoThe purpose of this meeting is to provide information on the following topics:

  • Review of the 2015 Building Codes update and adoption by the City of Southlake;
  • Revisions to the permit submittal and inspections application submittal process;
  • Revisions to the Site Plan, rezoning, and plat submittal process; and
  • Revisions to the storm water (SWPPP) submittal process.

Anyone who currently builds or develops in Southlake, or plans to do so in the future, is encouraged to attend the session.

Please RSVP for the meeting by contacting Building Inspections at (817) 748-8237. Visit the City’s Development Activity News Blog to view the meeting notice or learn more about current development projects in Southlake.

Meeting information:

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Southlake Town Hall – Third Floor Training Rooms

1400 Main Street, Southlake, TX 76092

7:45 – 8:30am – Overview of the Economic Development and Tourism Department (information and resources)

8:30 – 10:00am – Presentations over the 2015 Code updates and revisions to the submittal processes