Friday, September 24, 2021

Carroll ISD Bus Passes Available for 2017-2018 School Year

Save on 2017-2018 Bus Passes Before July 31 2017-2018 bus passes are now available for purchase. In order to receive early incentive pricing, reserve and pay for your child’s bus pass by July 31, 2017.

Individual Bus Pass:             $250/Annual       $135/Semester
Family Bus Passes:              $500/Annual       $270/Semester

On Aug. 1, 2017, prices will return to their normal rate, which is a 10% increase and passes will cost $275 and $550 for the annual and $148 and $296 for the semester, respectively.

All bus riders MUST have a current ‘Bus Rider Contract’ form signed by a parent or guardian and turned in with the Bus Rider Registration indicating they will abide by the Bus Safety Handbook. Bus passes will not be issued until a signed contract has been turned in. The Bus Safety Handbook and Contract can be found on the Transportation webpage at

The district is encouraging parents to register early to assist the Transportation Department in more accurately planning bus stops and routes. Routes for the 2017-2018 school year will be available online August 21. Parents may find more information and purchase 2017-2018 bus passes online here.

Parents whose children will not be registered at Carroll ISD until after August 1, 2017, please follow this link for more info. – Please create the same link to Ticketracker as on the Transportation webpage.

Click here for the bus pass form on the district website.

Driver Named Dragon Transportation Employee of the Month

MurrayCarroll ISD Transportation Director Ranjan George presented the April Employee of the Month award to Ginger Murray. The certificate was awarded during the department’s monthly staff meeting recently.

Murray was recognized for her outstanding work in the Transportation Department as a bus driver. She also received a gift card courtesy of Carroll ISD’s We Care employee appreciation program.

During Murray’s eight years as a Dragon employee, she has demonstrated excellence in her position as a bus driver. Her passengers are special needs students. She says he enjoys driving the school bus, but enjoys the company of her passengers even more.

Murray has three grandchildren and is expecting a fourth very soon.

The Transportation Department has 72 employees, including drivers, mechanics and office staff. Ranjan George is the Transportation Director. The department’s Employee of the Month program recognizes the duties and achievements of staff. The award is presented at the end of each month during department staff meetings. For more information about the Carroll ISD Transportation Department, click here.



CISD Announces New Guest Pass Procedures For All Bus Riders

To assist in getting students safely to and from school, the district is putting new Guest Pass procedures in place for all bus riders. Parents who need for a child to change from their normal route’s pickup or drop-off location must first fill out an Alternate Transportation Request Form. If the student is a current bus rider and already has a CISD Bus Pass, the parent should fill out the form and turn it into the school office by noon in order to coordinate and make accommodations for the child to alter his/her bus route and/or pick-up and drop-off schedule.

Go online to the CISD Transportation webpage to download the form and instructions. You may complete it online, print it, and then send it with your student to the school office. Keep in mind, the campus office staff needs the form by noon on the day of the change to coordinate and make accommodations for students by the end of day dismissal. Emergency situations after the noon hour may be handled by the Campus Principal in communication with the child’s parent or guardian. If your student already has an annual or semester bus pass, there is no charge to change routes/drop-off points. However, if your student does not have a bus pass, you will need to purchase a pack of “One-Way Bus Vouchers” and affix one of the voucher stickers to the form. See below for more information on the One-Way Bus Vouchers for occasional riders.

CISD Establishes One-Way Bus Vouchers For Occasional Riders
The CISD Guest Pass or Alternate Transportation Process provides parents the opportunity to temporarily use existing CISD bus routes at their home campus to get students to and from school. Parents may purchase a pack of 10 One-Way Vouchers for a cost of $50 from your student’s school office or the Carroll ISD Business Office. Payment may be made via cash or check. An Alternate Transportation Request Form will need to be completed, voucher sticker affixed to the form, and sent to the school office by noon in order to make accommodations for students by the end of day dismissal. Forms and instructions are available for download from the CISD Transportation Webpage under the Alternate Transportation links.

A One-Way Bus Voucher sticker (pre-purchased at your child’s school or the CISD Administration Center) must be affixed to the Alternate Transportation Request Form in order for your child to ride a CISD bus. Emergency situations after the noon hour may be handled by the Campus Principal in communication with the child’s parent or guardian.