Friday, August 12, 2022

2014 Shopping & Dining Guide and 2014 Visitor Guide Have Been Released

The 2014 Southlake Shopping & Dining Guide and the 2014 Southlake Visitor Guide have been released by The City of Southlake’s Economic Development and Tourism Department.

The Shopping & Dining Guide is intended to serve as a directory of retail and restaurant establishments, with nearly 400 business listings. In total, 36 new retail businesses and restaurants opened in Southlake over the past year and have been added to the updated Shopping and Dining Guide.

Alison Ortowski, Assistant City Manager and Interim Economic Development Director stated, “The many new businesses demonstrate Southlake’s growing economy. The City has more to offer than ever before, and the guides are an excellent resource for current residents and new visitors, which will increase awareness of local businesses.”

The Visitor Guide is intended to serve as a resource for educating tourists about elements that contribute to Southlake being a premier travel destination, including events, retail venues, restaurants, accommodations, and entertainment. Additionally, the Visitor Guide includes a map of the greater Southlake area, highlighting points of interest. Together, both the Shopping & Dining Guide and the Visitor Guide provide valuable information to both residents and tourists in a straightforward, easily accessible form.

The guides are available in print at several area businesses and inside Southlake Town Hall, suite 300. The guides may be viewed online at