Friday, September 22, 2023

Mayor John Huffman talks Nonprofits with Call A Ride of Southlake

This week on Minute with the Mayor, Mayor John Huffman meets with Erik Phelps, Executive Director of Call A Ride of Southlake to learn about the program and its need for volunteers.

A local nonprofit by the name of Call A Ride of Southlake (CARS) has changed lives over the last 23 years by providing non-emergency rides to senior citizens and disabled adults in and around the city.

“Really, when you think about it, CARS helps give back some of the independence that seniors and disabled adults lost when they gave up driving,” said Phelps. Such an incredible service with such important work could not function without volunteers to drive the vehicles; however, lately, volunteers are becoming harder to find. “We desperately need more drivers because we constantly are having unmet needs out there for seniors and disabled adults,” Phelps noted.

Residents and others interested can apply to be volunteers. Minimum requirements include a valid license, a background check, and more.

With flexible schedules and no minimum time commitment, CARS makes it easy to volunteer when it is convenient for you. Mayor Huffman has pledged to donate some of his time to helping those that need a lift.

To watch the full episode of Minute with the Mayor, click below.

Call A Ride of Southlake Continues to Connect our Community

Ridesharing has become as commonplace in our modern culture as Tik Tok challenges. Taking advantage of unused resources like the extra seats in your car to turn a profit converted various startups into multi-million-dollar companies. Call A Ride of Southlake (CARS) also relies exclusively on ridesharing to provide reliable transportation to older and disabled adults, except it does it for free!

The City of Southlake is blessed to partner with various nonprofit organizations to enhance the premier services provided to our residents. A world-class organization, CARS provides transportation services for senior citizens and disabled Southlake adults within a 25- mile radius. Founded in 2000, CARS and its incredible network of volunteer drivers ensure those who cannot drive themselves have access to medical, dental, social, business, and personal services.

CARS volunteers have provided over 400 one-way trips to more than 525 registered clients this year. While their efforts are extraordinary, they need more volunteers to continue providing these vital services to our community. Increasing their arsenal of volunteer drivers is more important than ever as seniors become more and more comfortable leaving their homes after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This is a volunteer opportunity for you if you love to drive and are looking for an impactful way to give back to your community. Help give our 55 and better community their autonomy back and become a volunteer driver!

For more information about becoming a CARS volunteer, visit