Thursday, June 30, 2022

What’s Happening on SH 114?

Preparations for the SH 114 frontage road expansion project are underway. The joint project with TxDOT kicked off in 2018 as an initiative to complete the connection of the SH 114 frontage road from Southlake to Trophy Club.

The eastbound and westbound frontage roads currently end as they approach Dove Road and start back up near Kirkwood Blvd. Extending it will provide commuters a continuous alternate route from Grapevine to Southlake to Trophy Club. This will reduce the need for drivers to re-enter the highway at Dove Road and exit again at Kirkwood Boulevard to continue on the frontage road. As part of this project, the exit and entrance ramps will be reversed to prevent unsafe merging behavior on the main lanes of the highway. TxDOT is taking this approach to highway ramps on its facilities statewide.

Earlier this week, contractors began utility relocation between Kirkwood Boulevard and Dove Road and hope to be done in November 2020, weather permitting. The City has requested proposals for the construction of the frontage road and hopes to award this portion of the project in October 2020. The estimated funding the City of Southlake is providing for this project is $3 million.

This Capital Improvement Project is also a part of the Mobility Master Plan, which identifies construction projects and investment opportunities to foster convenient and safe travel through Southlake.

For more CIP updates, please visit the CIP page on the City’s website.

Building and Maintaining Southlake – Top Priorities in the FY 2020 Budget

Southlake is a highly functional city and it’s sometimes easy to take that for granted. But it takes work: From water, trash and sewer services to zoning, park maintenance, and traffic management, our engineers are working around the clock to make sure we stay clean, safe and efficient.

One of the City’s tools used to help it stay highly functional is to provide funding for the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) projects. This five-year program identifies construction projects to implement the Southlake 2030 and Southlake 2035 master plans.

CIP projects provide travel convenience within the city and region and provide attractive and unique open spaces for those who live, work and visit Southlake. These projects also ensure that the City will meet demands for water, sewer and drainage.

Year one of the CIP is called the Capital Budget and allocates dollars to build the identified projects. The $18.7 million Capital Budget helps ensure dependable infrastructure that makes daily life in Southlake better and in FY 2020, will be 100% cash funded.

Building and Maintaining Southlake

Public Works construction projects figure prominently in the FY 2020 budget.

Funds for citywide pathway improvements, like the new sidewalks included in the N. White Chapel widening project, and annual street rehabilitation projects will be provided. Major roadway projects such as intersection improvements at FM 1938 and W. Continental Boulevard and S. Peytonvillle Avenue and Continental Boulevard will kick off in FY 2020 with engineering services. A partnership project with TxDOT and Cities of Southlake and Colleyville to rebuild the bridge that connects Pleasant Run in Colleyville to White Chapel Southlake will also start.

Dollars will also be allocated for improvements to Southlake’s water, sewer and drainage systems. Overall system capacity improvements will be addressed. Drainage improvements on public land near Peytonville Avenue, Raven Bend, W. Highland Street, N. White Chapel Boulevard, Shady Oaks and Florence Road are also funded. The Miron Elevated Storage Tank is set to be repainted in FY 2020 as well.
Southlake engineers and inspectors have the responsibility to design, build and ensure the quality of the City’s infrastructure. Once these items are constructed, crews take on the responsibility of maintaining them.

With more than 296 miles of water distribution pipes, 208 miles of sewer mains, 211 linear miles of city roadways and 174 miles of sidewalks/trails, maintenance responsibilities are significant. And these numbers don’t even account for public drainage ways and associated infrastructure like fire hydrants, meters, valves, manholes and lift stations! The new construction will complement the current infrastructure and makes sure that facilities meet future demand.

Don’t forget about the Parks?

City parks, open space and recreational amenities for all ages are a top priority. The good news is that special funding makes it possible to implement the park master plan in an ongoing and steady timeline. In FY 2020 this means improvements to the Southlake Sports Complex and the barn at the Bob Jones Nature Preserve.
The Southlake Sports Complex project includes field improvements, shade structures, restrooms, a playground, batting cages, trails, parking, and other amenities. Construction will take a few years, things will get started in FY 2020.

While the current barn, built in the 1970s at the Bob Jones Nature Preserve has not been safe to use as classroom space, plans for FY 2020 aim to change that. This CIP includes funds for the City to move forward for improvements.

The City owns or leases 1,197.8 acres of parkland and open space, and is responsible for the maintenance of the property and the related improvements, including 51 practice fields/game facilities, seven playgrounds, 21 tennis courts and 14 pavilions.

The CIP paves the way for ongoing infrastructure development, making sure that Southlake continues to be a premier community in which to live, work and play.
Interested in learning about all of the FY 2020 CIP projects? Visit the FY 2020 Budget page and click on the CIP link at the bottom of the page in the budget documents section to see the entire list.

City Reports on Capital Improvement Projects

The city’s Capital Improvement Projects are well underway! Public Works Director Rob Cohen presented an update on the program at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, October 2. The capital improvement program includes the anticipated capital project costs for the next five fiscal years. As part of the FY2019 budget, the CIP is on track to improve in the following areas:


In the last year, Matthews Court, the Kirkwood Boulevard widening and intersection improvements, and paving projects of Continental and N. Peytonville Avenue were successfully completed.

Improvements to reduce traffic congestion on SH 114 Frontage Road continues as the city has partnered with TxDOT. The widening of N. White Chapel from Highland to SH 114 is also still in progress.

Construction on the Zena Rucker Road extension advances to accommodate future development of commercial and residential properties.  The bid to connect Nolen Drive in Southlake to Nolen Drive in Grapevine is set to take place the first quarter of FY2019.

The City also anticipates completing the enhancements to intersection of FM 1938 and FM 1709 by the second quarter of FY2019.

Sewer, Utility, Water Projects

The city continues to make improvements to the water system by taking the necessary steps to develop solutions to maintain water quality.

A sewer line protection study was conducted to develop a proactive plan to protect our sanitary sewer facilities from threats of erosion and discharges of wastewater.

Several measures to maintain efficient waste and water systems have been taken such as, an installation of a water line, Torian Lift station, water mixers installed in elevated water tanks, painting and repairs to ground storage tanks and sewer line improvements for Commerce/Market Loop and Summerplace Road intersection.

The City is working on the installation of an N-1 metering station (measures wastewater flow to the TRA treatment plant) and the installation of a water line for fuel farm fire protection.  Other water line improvements include Union Church Road, North Pearson Road and Whispering Dell Lane/Court.  Repairs for the ground storage reservoir are also underway.

Storm water

The Zena Road box culvert at Matthews’s Court has been completed.  Drainage improvements have been made at Summerplace Road. “We do have funds to address and the evaluate some of the drainage basins that will allow us to have more impressive CIP projects to improve our drainage capacity,” said Cohen during his presentation.

The design for improvement on Florence Road will be completed this year. A bid for weir repair on Patterson Road is set to take place in the First Quarter of FY2019.

For more information on projects, events and milestones, please visit the city website

You can watch the council presentation here.