Friday, August 19, 2022

Mobility Capital Improvement Projects

When it comes to Capital Improvement Projects, the City of Southlake has made major progress. The Capital Improvement Program, known as the CIP, is a five-year plan that the City has in place for construction of new or investing in the replacement of the City’s physical assets or infrastructure.

Although the program covers a diverse range of sectors in the following areas: Stormwater, Wastewater and Water Utilities; Mobility projects are at the forefront.

The Mobility Projects, which are also listed in the Southlake 2030 mobility master plan includes, but not limited to the development of sidewalks, trails, parks and thoroughfares.

How patrons navigate through Southlake is a huge contributor to the build out and the future of the City, it is important that projects pertaining to this sector of the CIP meet the goals to enhance mobility.

The City has been diligently working toward completing the projects in a timely manner as well as keeping the public informed of the status. Overtime, one project after another has seen success.

Below is a list of ongoing projects and upcoming projects.

Ongoing Projects

Zena Rucker Connector and Roundabout

White Chapel Widening Project

Upcoming Projects

SH 114 Frontage Roads – Along Dove and Kirkwood. This is a partnership project with TxDOT to extend the westbound of the frontage road to Kirkwood Boulevard.  The construction contract for this project is scheduled to be awarded in Fall 2020.

An interactive CIP map is available on the City’s website.  Visit us online for more information about the Capital Improvement Program and the 2030 Mobility Master Plan.

New Sanitary Sewer Lines Being Installed as Part of Southlake Capital Improvements Program

On May 1, 2017 Wilson Contractor Services will begin installing new eight inch sanitary sewer lines as part of the City of Southlake’s Capital Improvements Program. The work will be performed roughly 7 AM to 6 PM each day of the week, except Sundays and municipal holidays.

This project will include three locations throughout the City:

  • Commerce Street & Market Loop
  • N. Carroll Avenue & E. Highland Street
  • Summerplace Lane.

Weather permitting, the project is anticipated to be completed by fall 2017. Little to no interruption of City’s services and minimal traffic impacts are anticipated during construction.

Thanks to various reports of maintenance issues along these lines by the Southlake Public Works Wastewater Divisions, the lines are being replaces to help maintain an efficient Sewer system. The new lines will be larger than current lines and will be compliant with City standards.

“The replacement and maintenance of wastewater lines is vital to our City’s infrastructure, which is why we continually assess and evaluate our wastewater system so we can provide our residents with the highest quality of service,” remarked Public Works Director Rob Cohen.

Please contact Public Works at 817.748.8098 with any questions or concerns.

City Crews to Extend Southbound Randol Mill Right Turn Lane at FM1709 to Alleviate Congestion

The Public Works’ Streets and Drainage division will be extending the southbound right turn lane on Randol Mill Avenue at FM 1709 (Southlake Blvd.) over the next several weeks. Since the opening of Phase 1 of FM 1938, which widened Davis Blvd. through Westlake from SH114 to the Randol Mill Bend, southbound commuters have been experiencing significant traffic backups near the intersection at FM 1709. Feedback from the community brought this issue to the attention of the Public Works Director and staff.

While the intersection of FM 1938 and FM 1709 is scheduled to be widened as part of the FM 1938 Phase 2 project through Southlake, these improvements will take several years to construct. To increase the capacity of traffic flowing through the intersection now and reduce the current congestion in the afternoon peak traffic hours, the right turn lane on Randol Mill Avenue will be extended north for approximately 200 feet. This will create a right turn lane storage bay and will allow more vehicles into the intersection. For questions regarding this project, please call Public Works at 817-748-8098.