Tuesday, December 5, 2023

N. Carroll Avenue Paving Project Forges Ahead

Road reconstruction on N. Carroll Avenue is nearing completion.

Strip-A-Zone is set to wrap up striping the roadway by the end of the week, weather permitting.

Tarrant County crews have completed road edging and Sims Grass will apply grass seed to the landscape in the coming week.

The N. Carroll Avenue Paving Project is estimated to cost $450,000 and is scheduled to be completed by August 6, weather permitting. For more information, including updates, follow the Southlake Mobility Facebook page or visit www.ConnectSouthlake.com.

Park Village Fountain Repairs

The privately-owned Park Village fountains are days away from completion according to a ShopCore Properties representative.

ShopCore’s representative also tells the City that crews are working quickly to wrap up the work. After troubleshooting robotics and sealer issues last week, the larger fountain is now filled with water and running. With a few more updates to the robotics system, the large fountain is expected to be fully functional by next week.

The representative also indicated that the smaller fountain near Taverna Rossa is also expected to be repaired next week. A broken water pipe needs to be fixed before that fountain is back online.

The Park Village Fountains are located on the corner of Southlake Boulevard and Carroll Avenue. The Southlake City Council approved the privately-owned fountains as part of the Park Village development in 2013.

OBA – Signal head replacement at Federal Way and Carroll Avenue

federal - carroll lightBeginning today, March 12, 2015, a contractor will be replacing a signal head on a traffic signal located at Federal Way and North Carroll Avenue. No lanes of traffic will need to be closed on North Carroll Avenue, however the signals will be flashing red for about an hour while the work is being done. Please exercise caution when traveling near this intersection as additional work is being done to repair a waterline.

For questions, please contact the Public Works Administration at 817-748-8098.

OBA – Waterline Work at Federal Way and North Carroll Avenue

Water Utility truck in the work area

Water Utility truck in the work area

Public Works water crews are currently repairing a leaky waterline leak at the intersection of Federal Way and northbound Carroll Avenue. Crews have closed the northbound right turn lane from N. Carroll Avenue onto Federal Way and the right turn lane from Federal Avenue onto N. Carroll Avenue in order to work.

Traffic cones have been placed near the work zone, so please be aware and take extra caution when traveling in this area. Repairs are expected to last all day Thursday.

For questions, please contact Public Works Operations at 817-748-8082.

OBA – New "Yield to U-Turn" Signs coming to Southlake Boulevard

Right on Red Yield to U-Turn

Example of new signs to be placed along Southlake Boulevard.

Beginning  January 9, 2015, the Public Works Department will be installing “Right on Red Yields to U-Turn Signs” at the north and south side of Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709).   The installation of these signs at Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard  will kick-off an anticipated 30-day process to install similar signs at approximately 32 locations along Southlake Boulevard.

Concerns of potential accidents between those making legal u-turns and those turning right on red have been communicated clearly to the City – “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been hit while I’m making a legal u-turn (with a green arrow) – by a car turning right on a red. And they get mad at me!” or ” I have had to speed up or slow down on my u-turn as other driver’s making right turns on red would be turning into my turning area.” The signs are meant to help drivers and clear up confusion.

Affected lanes will close temporarily so crews can install the signs.  Closures are not expected to exceed an hour weather permitting. Additionally, the installations will take place during off-peak times in order to lessen the impact on traffic in and around the intersection.  Motorists should be aware of this work and exercise caution when traveling through the intersection.

The safety of motorists and non-motorists is a top priority for the City of Southlake, which is why the Office of Traffic Management (OTM) is moving quickly to resolve this issue. This effort is just part of the OTM’s mission to support better mobility within City limits.

For additional information, please contact the Office of Traffic Management at  817-748-8130. If you have concerns or want to comment on traffic and mobility in Southlake, visit the Office of Traffic Management website and submit your questions/concerns here .


Other intersections (north and south) along Southlake Boulevard (FM 1709) where these signs will be placed include:

Nolen Drive

Byron Nelson Parkway

FM 1938

Kimball Avenue

White Chapel Boulevard

Brock Drive

Home Goods driveway

Timber Lakes Drive

Watermere Drive

Village Center

Southridge Lakes Parkway

Opening west of Watermere Drive

Carroll Avenue

Peytonville Avenue

Pearson Lane

Tower Boulevard

Player’s Circle/Meadowlark


Orange Barrel Alert – Federal Way at Carroll Avenue Lane Construction

UPDATE: 8-27-14    

Motorists should be aware of the ongoing construction at the intersection of Carroll Avenue and Federal Way.  Crews installing the new right turn lane  have limited access to Carroll Avenue from Federal Way in order to work. Message boards will be placed at State and Federal advising detours via Prospect.  North and southbound Carroll Avenue traffic will still have access through the Federal/Carroll intersection.  Please be aware of these changes and plan accordingly.


Beginning Tuesday August 19th, 2014, Southlake Public Works will begin constructing a right turn lane on Federal Way at Carroll Avenue. This project is part of the Town Square Improvements project, which will also include the extension of State Street between Federal Way and Division Street, and a new traffic signal at the Carroll Avenue and Federal Way intersection.

Construction of the right-turn lane will occur between the hours of 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM, Monday through Friday  and is expected to be complete by September 5, 2014 (weather permitting).

Traffic delays should be anticipated during the construction.  Seek alternate routes if possible.

For more information about the Town Square improvements, please visit the project’s website here. For questions about the project, please contact the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098.

Carroll and Federal


Town Square Area Improvements

Town Square area improvements

Town Square area improvements

Beginning in late-August, 2014, the City will construct a number of improvements in the northeastern section of Town Square (see map). These improvements will address issues relating to traffic congestion and access into and out of Town Square with the goal of alleviating some of the more common traffic woes visitors may experience:

The first improvement coming to Town Square is a free right turn lane on Federal Way to N. Carroll Avenue.  Typically, this intersection experiences backups during peak traffic times with drivers wanting to turn left (south) on to N. Carroll Avenue from Town Square. The construction of a free right turn lane will allow drivers turning north on to N. Carroll Avenue to do so more easily, while simultaneously helping clear backups  more quickly.  Work on this project has already begun. Utility companies have recently completed relocating their facilities in preparation for the lane construction, which will begin the week of August 18th.  Construction is expected to take about three weeks (weather permitting).

The second traffic improvement is the completion of State Street between Federal Way and Division Street.  State Street is the roadway that runs north/south behind the post office and DPS Headquarters. Currently, there is no direct access to SH 114 from State Street and a gap exists between it and Division Street. This project will see crews filling in that gap and construct a new roadway segment to connect State Street and Division Street, allowing for direct access to SH 114. Design plans are expected to be submitted to the City the week of August 18th with construction commencing sometime in September.

The final improvement to this area will be the installation of a traffic signal at N. Carroll Avenue and Federal Way.  The decorative signal poles are currently being manufactured and are expected to be delivered in October.  This project will also include an illuminated street name sign like those that will be installed on Southlake Boulevard traffic signals.  The traffic signal at N. Carroll Avenue and Federal Way is expected to be in operation before the Home for the Holidays event.

For questions regarding the improvements coming to Town Square, please contact Steven Anderson, P.E. in the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098. For additional information about the Town Square projects, please visit the project web page here.

Del Frisco's Grille Opens Late December

Prominently situated at the northeast corner of Carroll Avenue and Southlake Boulevard, it has been impossible to miss the rapid evolution of the new Del Frisco’s Grille that began in June. Scheduled to open later this month, the upscale restaurant will serve lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, and open its al fresco dining next spring.

Referred to as the “front door of Southlake Town Square,” the two-story, contemporary building seats 265 inside and an additional 150 on two outdoor patios. Designed by architect David Schwarz, who also designed much of Southlake Town Square, special consideration was taken to ensure the building captures the look and feel of the mixed-use development.

Described by Del Frisco Restaurant Group (DFRG) management as affordable, every day,  upscale casual dining, the goal is to create a neighborhood feel. Part of that appeal will be the menu, which ranges from wood oven-baked flatbreads, cheesesteak egg rolls and ahi tuna tacos to some of the classics for which Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steak House is known. Signature prime steaks at Del Frisco’s Grille are wet-aged 28 days and broiled to perfection. Fans of the flagship will be excited to find other Del Frisco’s favorites, like the jumbo lump crabcake and the lemon doberge cake. A full service bar also includes a sleek “wine wall” with more than 300 selections to please every palate.

According to Bill Martens, DFRG vice president of development and construction, the company felt Del Frisco’s Grille is best suited to the area.

“We know this market well and the grille concept is a good fit for the local, sophisticated customer base. It fills a void for upscale dining that is currently not available,” he states, noting it is a more modern, casual environment than DFRG’s fine dining steak houses. “Many people in this area travel to other cities to eat at our restaurants and we’re extremely excited to host them closer to home.”

As home to its corporate headquarters, the Southlake location will serve as a training facility for the operations team and test kitchen for culinary staff. “It will be a source of pride for the entire company,” adds Martens.

For more information, call or go to www.DelFriscosGrille.com.