Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Dragon Band Announces All Region Competition Results

Carroll ISD Band Director Jay Bach announced the names of students who were selected for the Region 24 All-Region Honor Bands. The students competed at Colleyville Heritage High School the weekend of Dec. 1. Jared Neeley was selected for the All Region Symphony Orchestra and will perform again on Saturday, Dec. 8, at R.L. Turner High School in Carrollton. Neha Jain and Christopher Cunningham were selected to the Area Band. Next month, both students will audition in Abilene for a chair in the Texas All State Honor Bands in San Antonio in February.

All of the students listed above will clinic and perform January  24 and 25 in Frisco.

Neha Jain- Wind Ensemble- Area
Jared Neeley- Wind Ensemble- Symphony Orchestra- All State Jazz
Christopher Cunningham- Symphonic Band- Area
Austin Deters- Symphonic Band
Amy Grice-Symphonic Band
Ari Ireland- Symphonic Band
Mollie Danel- Symphonic Band
Hannah Bronson- Symphonic Band
Parker Smith- Concert Band
Kelsey Bronson- Concert Band
Chris Weisberg- Concert Band
Kaley VanValkenburg- Concert Band
Tanner Deters- Concert Band
Phillip Brown- Concert Band
Julia Snook- Concert Band
Wongyeong Seong- Concert Band
Leslie Yap- Concert Band
Thi Tran- Freshman Band
Candace Duffy- Freshman Band
Carleigh Grupe- Freshman Band
Julian Raines- Freshman Band
Pearce Brown- Freshman Band