Thursday, May 26, 2022

New Texas Turnaround Bridge on SH 114 is Now Open

Texas Turnaround ribbon cutting ceremony, led by Mayor John Terrell and County Commissioner Gary Fickes

Texas Turnaround ribbon cutting ceremony, led by Mayor John Terrell and County Commissioner Gary Fickes

A celebratory ribbon-cutting event for the “Texas Turnaround” bridge at Carroll Avenue, and State Highway 114 was held this morning to officially open the new bridge.

The new turnaround bridge will greatly reduce traffic congestion especially during peak hours and will also improve traffic safety by creating a separate turn lane for drivers.  Drivers will notice improved traffic flow and less congestion with the addition of the “Texas Turnaround.” Gateway Church attendees will find their commute to be much quicker and safer turning into and off of Blessed Way.

The “Texas Turnaround” project has been a joint event with several partners. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), Tarrant County, Gateway Church, Cooper and Stebbins (Southlake Town Square Development), and the City of Southlake.  “This has been an exceptional partnership said Public Works Director Bob Price.  He added, “The real beneficiaries are the City’s citizens and visitors who will find the flow of traffic moving much smoother because of the new “Texas Turnaround.”

Mayor John Terrell, council members from the City of Southlake, County Commissioner Gary Fickes, representatives from Cooper and Stebbins (Southlake Town Square Developer) and Gateway Church were on hand for the official ribbon-cutting and were the first to pass through the new bridge.

First drivers on the Carroll Avenue Texas Turn around

Mayor John Terrell and Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes were the first drivers on the Carroll Avenue Texas turnaround bridge




Orange Barrel Alert: Texas Turnaround at SH 114 Lane Closures Scheduled for Tonight

UPDATE:  This part of the project has been scheduled for tonight 5/30/2014

Beginning at 9:00 p.m. on Friday, May 30, 2014, Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) crews will shut down two (2) lanes eastbound and two (2) lanes westbound along SH 114 near the Carroll Avenue Bridge.

TxDOT crews will be working on the Texas Turnaround project and will need to close these lanes in order to work. However, one (1) lane will remain open in each direction of SH 114 and motorists will have access to the service roads.  All closed lanes are expected to open up early morning, Saturday May 31st.

For questions about the project, please call the TxDOT Public Information Officer Val Lopez, III at (817) 370-6630 or