Saturday, August 20, 2022

Computer Science Team Hosts Programming Competition

20141206_102816In honor of Computer Science Education Week, the Carroll Computer Science Team hosted the largest Invitational Programming Competition in Southlake history.

In all, 62 teams from over 20 schools participated in the event which was held last Saturday at Carroll Senior High School. More than 180 written tests were administered and graded, almost 600 slices of pizza were served, tested over 400 programs and eight large trophies and 20 medals were handed out.

The following is a list of the Carroll students who helped plan and organize the event.
* Team captains

Matt Prost*
Elijah Snow*Shyam Sabhaya*
Zach Froehlich*
Jake Rowland*
Nikhil Ravi*
Ariel Szekely*
Leila Ally*
Jake Dorin*
Skye Pekerti
Brandon Vu
Ben Wireman
Cameron Allen
Addison Miller
Kevin Shultz
Keefe Minihan
Andy Van Noy
Shane Sullivan
Brendan Skolnik
Josh Bilby
Aatu Nieminen
Tilda Nieminen
Neel Patel
Benjamin Stason
Zach Howell
Kael Madar
Thomas Hobohm
Corey Dotson
David Richey