Saturday, February 4, 2023

Dragon Divers Sweep 10-6A Championships

DiveThe Carroll Dragon divers swept the District 10-6A championships Thursday at the Grapevine Natatorium.

The Dragons earned the top-three finishes in the boys’ and girls’ divisions.

1. Maddie Keiser 426.75 – District Girls’ Diver of the Meet
2. Sloane Papa 417.65
3. Summer Westover 413.0

1. Nathaniel Hernandez 561.85 – District Boys’ Diver of the Meet
2. CJ Durant 401.10
3. Luke McFarland 399.30
5. Andrew Walker 357.05

Dragon diving coach Carolyn Hryorchuk was named Diving Coach of the Meet.

The Dragon swimmers competed Friday in 10-6A championships at Allen.