Thursday, May 26, 2022

CMS Yearbook Staff Get Recognition

Twice Upon a DragonThe Carroll Middle School yearbook staff has been recognized by Balfour Yearbooks with an Honorable Mention Certificate of Recognition for its outstanding contribution to scholastic journalism.

The Carroll Middle School yearbook is recognized in the 2014 YearbookYearbook. The adviser is Darcy Adams. Staff members include: Collete Chang, Jamey Hix, Anni Nieminen, Tilda Nieminen, Ryan Schwartz, Sophia Torres, and Valeria Vasquez.

“With this edition of YearbookYearbook, Balfour has been showing off great student work for 28 consecutive years,” YearbookYearbook Editor Marilyn Scoggins said. “As yearbooks were collected and judging began, the CMS 2013 yearbook was selected for Honorable Mention. Your outstanding work will long be appreciated five, ten, fifteen years from now when paged are flipped and stories are told. Congratulations on your staff’s commitment to creating a yearbook that preserves your school’s memories.”

Yearbooks published by Balfour for the 2013 school year were evaluated in one or more of the following areas:  theme development, layout design, photo content, secondary packages, and cover design. For their outstanding yearbook achievement, Balfour honors approximately ten percent of yearbook staffs with Honorable Mention recognition in YearbookYearbook.

“To be recognized, a book isn’t just good, it’s great,” director of marketing Mike Cobb said.  “Balfour is proud to honor the best in YearbookYearbook.  Every yearbook staff receiving Honorable Mention recognition can take pride in knowing that the CMS 2013 yearbook was great when it came out, and it will retain its relevance 50 years from now.”

Balfour Yearbooks, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, is a major published of yearbooks nationwide and the industry’s leader in digital technology, education, and curriculum.  Balfour provides training, technical support, and printing services to elementary school, middle school, high school, and college yearbook staffs.