Saturday, August 20, 2022

CMS/ DIS Recent Band Contest Results

It was an afternoon of medals for Carroll Middle School and Durham Intermediate School students. On Friday, Feb. 8 band students from both schools competed in their annual Solo and Ensemble contest.

CMS students earned 102 First Division medals, and 4 Second Division ratings in the solo category.  CMS students also earned 51 First Division medals, and 8 Second Division medals in the ensemble category.  DIS Students earned 97 First Division medals, and 5 Second Division ratings in the solo category.

The outstanding soloist awards at CMS were earned by Andrew Butemeyer, Conner Hutyra, Samuel Ma, Harry Purdum, Ryan Schwartz, Kate Snow, Paul Venesky, and Nina Williams.

Students from DIS also earned outstanding soloist awards. They are: Corinne Petersen, Brendan James, Vanessa Ortiz, Samir Mohsin, Katana Rader, Aubrey Parr, Shivali Rao , Maxine Dougherty, Julia Sheedy, Garrett Valentine, and Jack Whitaker.

The CMS/DIS band directors are Michael Oglesby, Sara Scott, and Nathan Brazell. Keep up with both bands on their website, find out concert information and performance times throughout the year.