Sunday, May 28, 2023

Big Prizes for Carroll Middle School Readers

Carroll Middle School recently announced the “Read to Win” winners for the spring 2012 semester. Prizes included gift cards purchased by the campus PTSO from Harkins Theaters and Hawaiian Falls.

Grand Prize winner Nick Hughes (pictured left) took home an Amazon Kindle for his reading efforts.

Allison Li (pictured right) was one of the 6-weeks winners who won a ticket to the waterpark.

Summer reading lists have been posted for students entering grades 7-8  and students entering grades 9-10.

The list below names all the winners for the spring semester.

4th 6 weeks winners

 7th Grade

  • Courtney Noetzel
  • John Miller
  • Ryan Schwartz

8th Grade

  • JT Gorman
  • Nick Knoll
  • Craig Allen


5th 6 weeks winners

7th Grade

  • Austin Florence
  • Aaron Ziegler
  • Jeffrey Mao

8th Grade

  • Erin Denton
  • Kyle Krause
  • Megan Bramlage


6th 6 weeks winners

7th Grade

  • Jamey Hix
  • Kelsey Wiremen
  • Allison Li

8th Grade

  • Madison Orr
  • Andrew McFarland
  • Marshall Richardson