Thursday, March 23, 2023

PBS Chef, Host and Author Christy Rost Visits Southlake May 31

Special book signing for “Celebrating Home: A Handbook for Gracious Living”

Memorial Day is the unofficial kick-off to summer and the beginning of much anticipated picnics, pool parties and backyard barbecues. PBS Chef and Host Christy Rost wants to help Southlake residents  “seize the summer” and return to the table for family fun and celebrations that yield health and happiness. To demonstrate this firsthand, Chef Rost will be at CostCo in Southlake May 31, 11:00AM – 2:00PM, signing copies of her new book, Celebrating Home: A Handbook for Gracious Living.

During the event, Chef Rost will share recipes from the book, which showcase the flavors of both Texas and Colorado.

“I’ve lived in Texas for most of my life, and it didn’t take long to fall in love with the Lone Star flavors that reflect not only vastly different geographical regions, but a medley of vibrant cultures,” she says. “Each time I prepare Texas ribs with spiced dry rub and molasses brown sugar glaze, I recall the Texas cattle ranch my parents owned years ago, just east of Sherman. ”

Another Texas recipe in the book is jumbo prawns with feather-light crust, which reminds Chef Rost of her years living in Houston and making the short trip to Galveston and other towns along the Gulf of Mexico.

“After a few hours on the beach, we would purchase freshly-caught shrimp right from the docks, pack it in ice, and return home for some of the best meals ever. This recipe captures those fond, family memories  and can be served as a main course or easy-to-pick-up appetizer that’s perfect for summertime gatherings.”

Chef Rost, who has friends who live in Southlake and a niece who is building a home in the area, reports Southlake was an easy choice when it came to selecting the location for a Costco book signing.

“Southlake is known for its family-centered atmosphere throughout its friendly neighborhoods, excellent schools, and beautiful shopping districts. My dedication to family, captured in every page of my newest book, reflects the same values held by many of Southlake’s residents,” she explains.

Chef Rost, whose newest book Celebrating Home: A Handbook for Gracious Living (Bright Sky Press, 2012) is now available in stores and on-line, focuses on home, family and creating peace and joy at home year round. Responding to a continued request from consumers in all regions of the country for advice and guidance on making their homes more grounded, comforting and inviting, Rost wrote Celebrating Home to share real-world solutions to bringing folks together to connect in vitally healthy ways in the home, while balancing the challenges of our modern daily life. Rost has been touring cities across the United States while presenting culinary and lifestyle programs, and the consumers’ response to Celebrating Home has been enthusiastic and strong .

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