Monday, March 20, 2023

City Looks to Increase Capacity at Key Intersections

Demand for roadway travel in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is steadily increasing, as are traffic counts on Southlake roads.

In an effort to increase the capacity of the local system to improve mobility within the city, the Southlake City Council has agreed to funding for an intersection capacity improvement program.

“We’re looking for any and all opportunities to improve traffic conditions around town,” said Mayor Laura Hill. “Upgrading the performance of key intersections should help alleviate congestion and promote the smooth flow of traffic during peak hours.”

The project began with traffic counts and other data collection. Initial analysis is intended to help engineers focus on areas where a deeper dive is warranted. Ultimately a set of recommendations will be put into place for the intersections so that improvements can be implemented.

Public Works Director Rob Cohen explains that the process will include traffic counts, crosswalk reviews, site distance analysis, signal timing and field observation. Computer modeling will be used by engineers to develop performance enhancing recommendations. Ultimately, recommended improvements will become a part of the capital improvement program.

“This project is meant to complement other roadway work going on in the city,” said Cohen. “Low performing intersections can be a real hindrance to motorists trying to get from point to point, and we want to ensure that the capacity of Southlake intersections is maximized.”

Data collection and traffic analysis for the first 17 intersections should be completed by the end of September. Phase 2 of the project, which will include analysis of the remaining intersections and the prioritization of recommendations, will begin in October with the new fiscal year. More than 30 intersections will be reviewed.

Funds have been included in the FY 2017 budget to complete the study, as well as provide for engineering design of improvements and construction of initial improvements.

Intersection improvements could include the following:

  • Intersection traffic signal re-timing;
  • Improved phasing (e.g. lead/lag traffic signal phasing optimization);
  • Re-allocation of existing approach lanes to better serve intersection traffic volumes;
  • Roadway network modifications such as realignments or new connections to relieve traffic;
  • Intersection geometric improvements, such as turn lanes; and/or
  • Pedestrian enhancements.

This project supports the recommendations of the Southlake 2030 Mobility Plan. To track progress on this project, please go to

These are the 32 intersections which will be analyzed in the study. The intent is to help find ways to maximize traffic flow through Southlake's intersections.

These are the 32 intersections which will be analyzed in the study. The intent is to help find ways to maximize traffic flow through Southlake’s intersections.








  1. Dove Road & N. Peytonville Avenue
  2. Dove Road & Shady Oaks Drive
  3. Dove Road & West SH 114 Southbound
  4. Dove Road & West SH 114 Northbound
  5. North Peytonville Avenue & Raven Bend Court
  6. Shady Oaks Drive & West Highland Street
  7. North Carroll & East Highland Street
  8. West Southlake Boulevard & North Pearson Lane
  9. West Southlake Boulevard & Watermere Drive
  10. West Southlake Boulevard & Davis Boulevard
  11. West Southlake Boulevard & Peytonville Avenue
  12. West Southlake Boulevard & Southridge Lakes Parkway
  13. West Southlake Boulevard & Shady Oaks Drive
  14. Southlake Boulevard & White Chapel Boulevard
  15. East Southlake Boulevard & Byron Nelson Parkway
  16. East Southlake Boulevard & Tower Boulevard
  17. East Southlake Boulevard & Carroll Avenue
  18. East Southlake Boulevard & Central Avenue
  19. East Southlake Boulevard & South Village Center Drive
  20. East Southlake Boulevard & South Kimball Avenue
  21. East Southlake Boulevard & Nolen Drive
  22. East Southlake Boulevard & Commerce Street
  23. South Carroll Avenue & Zena Rucker Road
  24. South Kimball Avenue & South Village Center Drive
  25. Davis Boulevard & West Continental Boulevard
  26. West Continental Boulevard & South Peytonville Avenue
  27. South White Chapel Boulevard & West Continental Boulevard
  28. Byron Nelson Parkway & East Continental Boulevard
  29. South Carroll Avenue & East Continental Boulevard
  30. South Kimball Avenue & East Continental Boulevard
  31. State Street & E SH 114 Southbound Frontage Road
  32. North White Chapel Boulevard & Dove Road