Sunday, November 28, 2021

Council Renews Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County

Council recently approved an Interlocal Agreement with Tarrant County for the joint resurfacing of Continental Boulevard after a Pavement Management Assessment was conducted by Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) in March of 2018. The assessment noted that the pavement quality along the road has experienced extensive wear and tear.

The partnership agreement consists of resurfacing the pavement. The resurfacing area is located at 600 feet east of Byron Nelson Parkway and 378 feet east of Crooked Lane.

As part of this partnership, Tarrant County will provide labor, heavy equipment to repave the roadway and go half on fuel expenses. The City will mill the roadway and make any necessary subgrade repairs, manage all traffic control and be responsible for striping.

In the past, the City has partnered with Tarrant County on multiple projects and has found it to be quite beneficial when executing developments. With the workload and costs being divided, the City can save money and time for making repairs.

Director of Public Works, Rob Cohen explains why this annual partnership is valuable. “There are two specific reasons; the first is a cost share in that there is a savings by working with the County. Secondly, this effort is the continuation of a longstanding partnership that promotes cooperation and collaboration with regional partners.  This is just one program of several that focuses on regional vice local solutions to improve roadway condition, which in turn, improves mobility within the City,” said Cohen.

The budget for this project is $300,000 and,  is available in the FY 2019 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget. Not only is this partnership a cost savings solutions to the City, but it also helps implement the City’s strategic plans to improve mobility and reach CIP goals.

“The Interlocal Agreement is just one method of reaching our CIP goals,” stated Cohen, “The partnership, specifically, meets our goals aimed at leveraging resources (monetary, manpower, equipment, etc) to obtain cooperative solutions.  Another goal is the timely execution of funds allocated within the budget, he continues, “and finally, this effort is aimed at improving mobility, which we know is the primary concern of our residents based on past citizen satisfaction surveys.”

To avoid having an impact on school traffic and to minimize the impact on commuters, this project is scheduled for Summer 2019.

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FM 1938 Moves Towards Summer 2019 Completion

TxDOT recently announced that the FM 1938 project is entering its final stages.

Myers Meadow screening wall on FM 1938

Myers Meadow screening wall on FM 1938

On the street’s east side, the construction of the screen wall adjacent to Myers Meadow is underway with column construction and panel placement.

Placement of the underground box culvert storm drains on the project’s north end are complete. Now crews are working on the roadway construction for the new northbound lanes from Brookforest Drive/Kingwood Drive to Randol Mill Avenue. Construction of the southbound lanes will follow once the northbound lanes are finished.

TxDOT has estimated the project will be complete this summer. The 30 mph speed limit will stay in place until that time.

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Streetlights – How to Report Issues

Daylight savings time will end on Sunday, November 4.  As we approach the end of our long sunny days filled with extended outdoor activities and running errands, an extra hour of sleep is something to look forward to. The good thing is we only have to flip the clocks back one hour.

As we adjust our days and bodies to the one hour gain, so will the timing of the streetlights. Streetlights not only help us navigate at night, but they also serve as a guide for pedestrians and cyclists in addition to highlighting important traffic control devices, pavement markings and signs. A broken streetlight can have a big impact when you’re driving by or just out walking the dog.

So how do you report an outage or low lighting? Depending upon the location, you report the issue to the appropriate utility provider.

The majority of the streetlights in town are powered and maintained by one of these two providers, Oncor or Tri-County Electric. The lights along Kirkwood Avenue, near TD Ameritrade and Sabre are overseen by the City of Southlake Traffic Management Division.

If you notice an issue with the lights on Kirkwood Avenue, please contact us with the online “Come Fix It!” form or on the Southlake Mobility Facebook page.

If you need to report an outage with Oncor please visit and click on the light having the issue or call 1-888-313-4747.

Tri-County Electric includes most of the northwestern part of the City. You can report an outage to Tri-County by visiting or call 817-431-1541.

Orange Barrel Alert – Brumlow Construction Begins

Brumlow-MapConstruction on Brumlow Avenue at SH 26 is expected to begin the week of August 17, 2015.

Beginning the week of August 10, 2015, work will start on the Brumlow Avenue Widening Project. The contractor, Pavecon Public Works, LP, will widen Brumlow Avenue from SH 26 to the Alpine Materials driveway (see map) to 4 lanes with a center dual turn lane. The construction will also include:

  • Transition improvements from westbound SH 26 and northbound Pool Road
  • Capacity improvements to help relieve traffic congestion during the AM and PM peaks

Motorists can expect delays once construction begins. If possible, please seek alternate routes. The Public Works Department will provide periodic updates on the construction as they become available.

The project is a Southlake 2030 recommendation on the City’s Master Thoroughfare Plan and aims to ease traffic congestion stemming from the recent work on SH 26.

For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 817-748-8098.

South White Chapel Boulevard Reconstruction Complete

Reconstruction of S. White Chapel by Public Works Street crews

Reconstruction of S. White Chapel by Public Works Street crews

The South White Chapel Boulevard joint reconstruction project with Tarrant County Precinct 3 is complete.

The project, which began in June, was a joint project in partnership with Tarrant County to reconstruct/rehabilitate South White Chapel Boulevard from the Continental roundabout south to the Colleyville city limit line.

The scope of the project included:

  • Re-constructing the sub-grade and installing ribbon curb for pavement confinement and structural integrity.
  • Foundation work that consisted of installing 8-inches of sub-grade and 6-inches of pavement surface for a total 14-inch depth.
  • The bridge at the southern portion of the roadway was also milled and overlayed with new asphalt following the structural improvements that were made to that bridge earlier in the year.

Partnering with Tarrant County is an annual effort to reconstruct/rehabilitate roads within the City limits. Not only does this partnership provide cost-savings to the City, it also supplements one of the Public Works Department’s goals to develop, build and maintain a high quality transportation infrastructure. In the end, maintaining City streets is critical to improving mobility and ensuring the safety and security of motorists traveling on Southlake’s roads.

For more information about the Street Rehabilitation Participation Program, click here. For questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 817-748-8079.