Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Remote Hospitals to Receive Donations from CMA Drive

CMA_logo2013_06Sarah Friske, a Carroll Medical Academy sophomore, is collecting surgical gloves, surgical hats, and blood pressure cuffs for surgeons to use in remote hospitals in Tanzania, Africa. Her “Project Africa Surgical Help and Supplies” drive is underway.

Friske plans to deliver as many supplies as possible to doctors in Tanzania this summer while studying developing medicine and the bias surrounding Obstetrics and childbirth in tribal communities in Africa. These supplies will help meet the needs for safety and sanitary birthing conditions in remote hospitals. Blood-borne illness, poverty, and remote rural access all contribute to less than desirable conditions for these surgeons to help their patients achieve positive and healthy surgical outcomes during the childbirth process.

“In an area of the world where nothing is taken for granted, a clean pair of surgical gloves can mean a happy and healthy childhood for a newborn baby,” said Friske. “I want to thank everyone who donates to this incredible group of surgeons.”

Collection boxes can be found at the Carroll Senior High School classrooms of Mrs. Martin and Dr.Owen. Items in need include: surgical hats, gloves and blood pressure kids. Monetary donations for Tanzanian Hospital supplies are also being accepted.

Carroll Medical Academy Announces Scholarship Winners

CMA_logo2013_06The Carroll Medical Academy hosted its annual Awards Banquet honoring senior CMA Scholarship winners. The event was held on Saturday, May 10 at the Hurst Conference Center, emcees for the evening were Read Ballew, President of the Board of Trustees and Matt Korman, Trustee. CMA Director/Teacher, Mrs. Sherry Martin attended to present awards, along with Dr. J.J. Villareal, Dr. Renee Moses, Dr. Nicole Owen, and Linda Lacava.

Student volunteer awards were given by class and summer internships were awarded to current Sophomore and Junior students. The highlight of the evening came when the six CMA Senior Scholarships in the amount of $1,000 were awarded to CMA Senior students. Winners this year were, Maddie Hughes (University of Kansas), Ashesh Trivedi (Yale), Abbey Phelps (Auburn University), Taylor Willenbring (Davidson College), Katie Fisher (University of Texas) and Kenny Martin, (SMU).

The CMA Boosters extend their congratulations to our scholarship winners, and wish them continued success in future endeavors. According to the boosters, CMA students made outstanding academic achievements since they entered the CMA program their freshman year.

Carroll Medical Academy Boosters would like to thank the following physicians, and local businesses for participating as a Senior Scholarship donor: Dr. Priya Venugopal, M.D., Dr. Ron Groves, D.D.S., PA Orthodontist, Dr. Mark Greenberg, M.D., Dr. Sina Matin, M.D.,  Dr. Shahid Shafi, M.D., Dr. Mark E. Mason, M.D., F.A.C.S., Mr. Tommy Pennington,  Dr. David K. Hunter, D.D.S., Cooper & Stebbins, Deloitte University, Frost Bank, Mr. Nathan Taylor.  And special thanks to our 2014 Banquet Chair Volunteers: Kathryn Hughes, and MaryAnn Jones.

A photo slideshow of the event is posted below:

Carroll Medical Academy Seeks Clinical Internships

The Carroll Medical Academy is in the market for a select few medical professionals to provide internship opportunities for CMA senior students for the spring semester.

These internships are an integral component of the required BioTechnology class, and the internship is an incredible opportunity for students to observe and learn in a professional medical environment. Students are HIPPA certified, TB tested and typically on-site for approximately 2 to 3 hours per week. Schedule modifications are possible with some students.

If you are a medical professional and are interested in sponsoring one or more of our Carroll Medical Academy seniors for an internship, please contact our Internship Chair Dawn Schindler at dawnschind@msn.com or Mrs. Sherry Martin, our CMA Director at sherry.martin@southlakecarroll.edu for more details on program dates, requirements and specifics. Past internships have been widely varied and have included office visits for many specialties (from pediatric to veterinarian), surgical viewings, and paramedic ride-alongs.

The Carroll Medical Academy is an academic program that provides exceptional students who have an interest in entering a medical, dental, veterinary or research-based field with a challenging Advanced Placement (AP) curriculum beginning the freshman year of high school. Click here to visit the CMA website and learn more about the program, internships and how to get involved.